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  1. You seem to have issues with reading comprehension. It’s not about availability of enchant, but enchant rate, suspicious to the OP, hence your post is irrelevant. Apart of conspiracy theories I can somehow understand, how this could be suspicious to the OP. Everyone is crying about drop/spoil and Adena rates and not being able to sustain them self, yet there are several highly OE(for a quite fresh server with economy issues) weapons. The reasons for that might be multiple however. Cheers
  2. You mean with that the v1.0? Or what exactly?
  3. It’s not about what anyone here wants or doesn’t want nor say in regards to any kind of software, unless it’s has been stated by NCSoft. If you’re about to use any 3rd party software(we’re talking software other than a bot obviously) while playing L2, make sure it’s accepted by NCSoft to perform in game or whatever action, otherwise you risk your account being blocked(best case) or permanently suspended(worst case)
  4. Innova RU is sub based and with correct rates
  5. Not all areas are have such a bad drop. To your second point, i’d look for other opportunities to make profit, since L2 is not 1-dimensional mindless grinding game. You can spend 0/hit As for last, seems not every summoner has the same problem, so instead of crying in forum, go to player questions or player 2 player help section and start a topic about how to improve your play style / make profit Cheers
  6. Why this anger? Can’t face reality? Welcome to retail Lineage 2 server Cheers
  7. It’s not worth it at all, considering L2(NCWest especially) drop table and % drop chances, the increase on drop rate when you progress through the game is less, than statistical error margin.
  8. No, such things do not exist on retail servers
  9. Instead of writing a wall of text about, why you are wasting time posting your suggestions, i’ll just suggest to use /search in forums. There are games and there is Lineage 2 designed in Korea for Koreans primarily. Cheers
  10. God, no. Except of killing the afk events. Judging from your post, this game is clearly not for you, you’d be better off with WoW
  11. Yes, F2P with P2W generates more revenue than a P2P model overall, look at all the so called F2P mobile games and the revenue they generate each month despite how bad they are designed.
  12. NC West L2C has custom(nerfed on purpose) rates, L2 Wiki has rates/drop table of Innova server and they are never gonna be aligned, even with VIP4 you will only come closer to Innova x1 rates(ex spoil as vip doesn’t affect it), but not 100%. It has been already discussed/stated on the forum several times. You need 50$ to reach VIP4 and 15$/month to maintain it vs Innova 10€/month(actually now 7-day free, 2€ first month, after 8€/month or 20€/3months due to promo)
  13. They won’t do it, because such thing as in game GM doesn’t exist on retail since years. if you don’t do their job for them, by providing screen shots or videos directly to support, those bots will be there till they move to the next zone and so on
  14. You know, that retail is not the same as L2J, do you? The game is free to play, so that the 30$ argument is irrelevant ah, and yes, I have an old laptop, a great internet service and I don’t have any disconnects whatsoever while playing from Europe cheers
  15. I don’t earn “3kk-2kk per day” but i don’t see your point how this is relevant to the fact, that someone should or shouldn’t play L2C? Are you one of those angry low life’s abusing CAPITAL LETTERS, because of RL fail or issues? What the heck is GOT? cheers
  16. Maybe you are innocent, maybe not. If you’re looking for speeding up the process, you’re in the wrong place and same, if you’re looking for compassion or else - in that case join a support group. or pm @Hime or @Juji directly, see if they care Cheers
  17. You’re probably the 567 or whatever number in queue waiting to get response from NCSoft, nothing other than patience will help you at this point and certainly not writing about it in forum
  18. It’s in game settings if you’d care to check it...
  19. Yes to all points apart of 2) - don’t know what you mean you can use a simple follow macro: / target “name” Optional: /use skill like “recharge” or “heal” /attack you have some predefined macros in game in the macro tab, that you can use as basis
  20. It’s been discussed already in some other thread from what I recall Yes, the exp tables are different, you need about 500% more exp to reach max level vs Innova exp table as far I remember(but I might have missread it)
  21. Good idea, if focused on specific adjustment/fixes and not all content. Sadly this will never happen here @SNM you do not have 15k players exploring the content, just ~15k accounts logged in
  22. Future of NA Classic? Go to Live and you’ll see it. Of course it will not happen instantly, they have to milk your wallets in a “soft” way first, before introducing the heavy stuff. Ah, and of course they are working on resolving the the bot issue just keep paying... <cough> ... I meant playing ?
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