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  1. If you’re a paying customer you got already, what you paid for, which is the vip status. No one prevented you from creating a ton of freebie accounts to increase your chances during the event. Stop crying, go earn some Adena in game. cheers
  2. Do you by chance mean the capitalist society based on the idea of capitalism, where you are the owner of your own success measured by the amount of work that you put in achieving something, or invention or ability to adapt to varying environment(like finding a workaround/another way to gain wealth to support your beast ss)? As opposite to communist society based on the idea of communism, where everyone gets anything(per theory) based on needs(like you suggesting to have the price of beast ss reduced to fit your current environment, because you fail to sustain your grinding)?
  3. It’s not YOUR proposal, it’s a copy paste from x number of other threads, nothing original compared to other suggestions and your words suggests only as much as you being egocentric
  4. Next time use /search instead of creating another thread while x number of topics about the same exist. Mods, please merge it with the other ones
  5. There is nothing to fix with the price. Same price applies for all classic releases. Stop crying already and look for ways to adapt
  6. Don’t want to argue, however judging from people post the main thing that discourage them from playing there, is not the monthly sub(while acknowledging the cost being slightly to high), but the fact that the server is 3 years old with majority in the 70’s lvl range and they suggest to open a fresh sub based server. Still, people are comming to Skelth... I my self started there a week ago, playing parallel to NA and seriously, an organized CP(with decent online hours per day)could easily reach 60+ on Skelth now within a month with the temporary server boost and unbroken drop rates
  7. Innova’s L2C problem wasn’t the monthly sub from what I read on their forum. It were the players them self, who wastly contributed to it’s fall through blocking high/end game content and selling access to areas and items for real money
  8. We are playing an abomination of a 3.0 downgraded/customized to something between 1.0 and 1.5. No one can really tell, because of so many NCWest intended changes, that only they know of(or don’t know them self even)
  9. Let me correct you - Adena/Drop rates are less than x1 even, if you have premium account and spoil is broken regardless of freemium or premium
  10. And thus L2 rights have been licencend to Innova for the Euro market.
  11. This the main problem is the instant reward expectation of the modern society, while everything requiring hard work is considered as punishment and leads to protest or crying. People want “hardcore” without the “hardcore” so to say.
  12. That’s just the beginning of P2W, there are many great things yet to come to the shop;)
  13. Don’t come later later to cry in forums because you’ve been banned for using it. Unless there’s an official statement allowing it, it can be still considered by NCSoft as bannable
  14. Yes, I mentioned it earlier, judging from their forum replies the newbie box is perma until they figure something new. If you play it more strategic and don’t open the box until close to 40 you may use the free gear for about 2 months(1-20, quest NG weapon/armor, 20-40 shadow 30-day D weapon + moon quest armor at 25, 40+ 30-day c grade). The lvl rewards are also different form the ones here as Skelth is higher version classic
  15. @ragingducks multibox is allowed as long as you pay all the accounts, as for bots I haven’t seen a single one, but then again, low lvl locations are empty(even newbies out level them quite fast due to temporary server boosts and the goodies provided) - i’m still in the 20s there as I have only spare time to play and also am preparing 3 accounts. I do share play time between Skelth and NA as well keep in mind, that you can drop any equipment upon death from mob on Skelth
  16. You have no idea, what P2W(unrelated to VIP level/status) will soon come to L2store this guys proposal is peanuts compared to that
  17. I’m one of these 502(ex the 30 shops in MDT), where can you check the online?
  18. Thanks, but won’t be available at that time. However I wish you luck with the event and good luck to all fighters!
  19. No, this is what you mean and nothing will change your opinion since, all you expect is for someone to nod in agreement.
  20. No, the ones that don’t care about GK Adena costs are those, who know more than one way of playing L2 and who plan ahead instead of mindlessly grinding for exp. ... and Adena buyers, but those ain’t comming to forums anyway Cheers
  21. I’m not comparing anything, I’m accurately answering someone’s question, since the previous answer was not entirely accurate. Beside, wasn’t pufa banned? anyway, i started there a week ago and you’re right about one thing - it feels lonely at low level, but there are clans focused on getting newbies together to help them progress/get them working together
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