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  1. I had to laugh hard reading this. Money is everything, it funds your OE, etc especially at end game content. Ever heard about pvp scripts? Farm bots are just the tip of the iceberg, wait for end game, when it will be again about who’s better at scripting... like it was on NA Live
  2. You’d be surprised anyway MS wasn’t that much of help vs this strategy
  3. Nope - bot’s are paying “customers” as well - bots create the numbers on the servers, giving the illusion of it being well populated - bots cause queues thus boosting vip sales to log in faster(if you actually read the rmt spam, you prolly noticed that the price went down below 3$/100k, to sustain revenue rmt companies have to sell more, hence increase number of bots that need to log in/stay online) - bots.... you name it
  4. So... what are you still doing here?
  5. All I can see is few wartags down vs your swarm so the title should be 7 pts vs 3 pts and not the other way around
  6. Account sharing is a bannable offense here as far as I remember
  7. Make a ticket to support, forum ain’t gonna help you resolve it and beyond that you can get in trouble for posting character names here
  8. What failings? If you didn’t noticed it till now, let me lay it out for you: every single thing they did or not did with NA servers was intended and happend with the blessing or on demand of the Korean HQ. Why? Hint: quick cash out
  9. Unfortunately, to find the very few interesting threads, one has to scroll through repeatedly posted nonsense like this one, just because you guys lack basic /search skills and like to (re)discover/(re)invent/(re)whatever the same thing over and over and over .... and over again cheers
  10. Bravo! It’s just what we needed... another thread about the same beat up dead horse, because you just couldn’t use search before posting Mods, please close or merge this with the others
  11. First of all, forum is not the place to solve your issues, support is. Second, reporting randomly can be considered as abuse of report button, which is a reason for ban my dear angry kid. Go grow up elsewhere
  12. And you make a poll for this? You either ask for/provide hard evidence for your claim or stop this nonsense - of course the majority of the answers will be, that it’s worse....
  13. There was a contest? Never noticed. R You sure, it was for classic?
  14. Well, i’m taking a break for a week to see Skelth and their 7-day free trial
  15. Nothing will be fixed in forums, contact support and wait in line, jeez
  16. Forum/community will not solve it for you - open ticket to support
  17. Well, I can’t really say, that i’m disappointed, since I have expected nothing more or less from NCWest in terms of fixes with this maintenance. I’m gonna make a week break(I don’t think, that i’ll miss anything meanwhile;) and try out Skelth’s 7-day free trial starting today. Have fun a CU around
  18. There will always be people with more money, that will purchase it no matter what;)
  19. Macros - yes, but I suck at alt tabbing and play in windowed mode
  20. A week ago me and a random tank helped an archer to get rid of a six pack of scrubs, who came to his spot and started to call him names, ks and trying to pk his buffer with some alts. Long story short, they either ended up dead or running away with their tails between legs. 5 minutes later, what a surprise.... I got a captcha.... i have a ticket open to support for this and am waiting final feedback on the investigation on bot report abuse. Since I play spoil and run with 2boxes on my back, It happens often, that people try to ks me, but they usually stop, when I tell them to.
  21. Look on the bright side. - you’ll have more SP;)
  22. You forgot to mention to him, that he can forget about end game content, as it will be blocked by those who didn’t miss to pay that 1k+ $/month
  23. Well, how could they ever play Classic NCWest before, if it launched in October? Not logical at all. I enjoy the game to the extent it can be enjoyed with all the issues, however “enjoying your self” is also ok, provided you wash your hands after
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