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  1. Macros - yes, but I suck at alt tabbing and play in windowed mode
  2. A week ago me and a random tank helped an archer to get rid of a six pack of scrubs, who came to his spot and started to call him names, ks and trying to pk his buffer with some alts. Long story short, they either ended up dead or running away with their tails between legs. 5 minutes later, what a surprise.... I got a captcha.... i have a ticket open to support for this and am waiting final feedback on the investigation on bot report abuse. Since I play spoil and run with 2boxes on my back, It happens often, that people try to ks me, but they usually stop, when I tell them to.
  3. Look on the bright side. - you’ll have more SP;)
  4. You forgot to mention to him, that he can forget about end game content, as it will be blocked by those who didn’t miss to pay that 1k+ $/month
  5. Well, how could they ever play Classic NCWest before, if it launched in October? Not logical at all. I enjoy the game to the extent it can be enjoyed with all the issues, however “enjoying your self” is also ok, provided you wash your hands after
  6. Why do you automatically assume, that he’s illegal server player? you’re “enjoying your self” you say? Hmm
  7. Chciałbym pomoc ale nie wiem jak:( Jak wspomniałem, praktycznie nie miałem DC od czasu jak wystartował classic a gram na wi-fi(router podłączony do lokalnej kablówki, 100Mb/5Mb, karta sieciowa w lapku z MIMO), wiec nie sadze, żeby problem leżał po stronie serwerów NCsoft
  8. @AskeQQ Czesc, nie zauważyłem tego problemu, przez ostatni miesiąc miałem może ze 2 DC. Skąd masz net? ten sam server, ta sama strefa czasowa
  9. @rpgmaniac after reading your post, the only conclusion, that comes to mind is - there’s only one clueless person out there
  10. @vasidi2 you don’t need to convince me about benefits of what you written down. I know them. It still won’t change the fact, that nothing is gonna change and people posting these “ideas” are just wasting their time. Reminds me kind of Live going “ truly free to play” with GoD launch.... nothing has changed then, nothing will change now.
  11. Well, I did play back in 2006 on privates, before moving to retail. Doesn’t change the fact, that what you call offline shop has it’s equivalent in auction house. It also doesn’t change the fact, that neither of them exist in L2 classic, no matter how often and loud you guys cry about it. Accept it and move on, instead of creating new topics about it over and over again. The true reason for full servers are tons of bots and not afk shops or afk fishing.
  12. My brain works just fine, you on the other hand think it’s either a illegal server you’re playing on or another wow like game. If you’d actually take some time to read the forum before posting your “original” idea, you’d find it posted and answered already multiple time. Yet you chose to create anothe we post. Accept the things as they are or quit now, because they ain’t gonna change and you’re wasting your time
  13. Wow, another genius, to lazy to check the other 20 threads about it. Use /search then /reply
  14. I know NCWest since years, they ain’t ought to anything and the sooner you realize it, the better for your health and wallet
  15. 1) Auctionhouse, exists in Live 2) “classic” is not the original L2
  16. I’m not saying this can’t be added, i’m saying with this, that NCWest can’t do sh1t without Korea approving and developing a feature. If it does not exist in other regions it won’t exist here
  17. Offline shop aka auction house system is not existing in classic game design, hence it will be not implemented here. Period
  18. We’ll see after the maintenance as no details have been provided by NCWest yet. Beside, in my comment I was referring not only to this one post of Devoid, but his overall contribution
  19. Unlike you, Devoid is posting some useful stuff for the community, this being said - back to your cave, troll
  20. There is nothing to fix, auction house does not exist in classic
  21. make a ticket to support, forum isn’t a place to solve this kind of issues
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