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  1. Wtb bw leather armor set or only main or recipes,wtb bw bps recipe,wtb bop recipes Send email in game ~~prezakias~~
  2. I have the same problem this last 2 days...i cant login in to the web only the game...how i can fix it?i send a lot of tickets nobody answer...
  3. Summoner

    I mean with spirit sharing the critical who have the char transfer the 3% on pet..I read it in skelth and copy it.. With the focus/guidance/dw. I really dont think its going to benefit me that much. Its the same reason why I dont have a boxed PP with me. Summons have a static 44 crit. With focus lvl 3, itd go up to ~57. It doesnt change it at all tbh. My crit rate with dual swords goes to 72->94. +22 crit rate. [+25 with spirit sharing (+3% crit rate)]My crit rate with a dagger goes to 108->140. +32 crit rate. [+36 with spirit sharing (+3% crit rate)] If i put othel rune lvl 6+ on dagger i will have more than 250++critical,so if transfer the 3% from char the pet will take a lot of critical more..
  4. Summoner

    Now after the update with the system of runes,we can transfer the othel rune from the weapon to the pet?the seraphim pet we can learn it in 3 class or lower lvl?it is good idea to play summoner after the update or it is the same suck than now before the update?i dont like now because nobody need you without seraphim in the mage group...
  5. Wtb blue wolf leather patterns

    Wtb blue wolf leather patterns send email nickname:miksobalitsa