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  1. There is a diffrence between complaining and whining. Got one char to 69 and so far i have not had my life ruined by the server as so many people seems to have had. Most whine comes from shit that simply cant be changed - like the P2W mechanic - Its just not realistic have a company that earns 0 $. Cash gotta come from somewere.
  2. The incredible hate, whine, salt, cry that i have seen on the N/A Classic servers is brand new to me. Played L2 around 13 - 14 years but JESUS this is insane. I always thought that L2 brought a more mature group of players due to its age but reading forums and such just proves that i was wrong. Im going to write some stuff that might hurt your eyes. Might make you want to grab some cheese with your whine so please.. you have been warned. Every L2 server has its issues - There is no such thing as a perfect server... And as far as N/A Classic goes its pritty much a decent server when tr
  3. Thats really rough. In my experience there is really not much to do. If your low level its dooable but if you are 30 + its just to hard to recover from this. Best thing would be to make new char's on a new acount and use the 30 day duals on a spoiler to get a good adena boost. Another way that i am not 100% sure of. Is to buy the pendent of faith ( or what ever its called ) form store using NCCOIN and sell the boxes. Atleast thats where i think everybody gets them from. Maybe someone can confirm that you actually can sell theese items - i have seen lots of people selling them. Good L
  4. Really? Even if that character is in town? I know i had a party with a low level char when i did this who was in town. If that is the reason - thanks for you help
  5. Swedish Guy ( GMT+1 ) Looking for a clan on Giran Server. Currently WC 52 (" GunBritt ")
  6. So after playing here since day 1 i just decidied it was time to make a WC. I leveled him up to 40 than used a big buch of XP scrolls to get him to 50. At 50 i decided i could now level him more cuz SP became a problem When going out to level i noticed that i did not receive any drops at all. Here is a quick recap of aprox mobs killed with absolute zero drops or adena. Ivory Crater: 50 mobs (Light Blue) Forest of Mirrors: 300 mobs (White) Enchanted Valley: 50 mobs ( Blue/Green/White ) So: IS there a bug when using XP scrolls? Anyone knows ? Cheers
  7. Ok... So... Maybe you should adapt? I have played here in a week or so. 2 chars lvl 35 now. I got PK'd once in abandoned camp. Sure there are PK's everywhere but gatekeepers offers you a thing called Blessing of Protection. Which means you cant get attacked by a character 10 levels above your own. That should at least fix the issue with higher level pk'ers for an hour at a time. And honestly... Its a big part of the game, its a GREAT part of the game. Just embrace it and adapt your playstyle.
  8. Hi ! I have been playing daggers pritty much since 2006. It has always been my favorite class. However i have read allot about daggers on l2 classic and the only thing is that AW owns all? This is wierd news for me since i have always had the best success with TH over AW and PW. There seems to be 1 skill that people seem to forget thats actually a game changer, its called Dash. The ability to have that insane speedboost (granted its only for 15 sec but its long enough to kill anything that wants to keep you at range) gives so much controle of any situation. This controle make
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