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  1. OMG dude, you do realize that the language you are using in your "journalist reports" are widely used and loved in yellow press, right? I underlined and made bold parts that you literally made up out of nowhere. This whole thread is a meme. You already have a reputation of MS hater, so even trying to put yourself as a reporter - a bad idea. Nuky was right, journalists do not express their own preference, because it will make your work look biased, which leads it to become irrelevant. Although I liked the idea. I crawled the forums of Russian official l2 servers, and they also have repor
  2. I think LUC does have influence. And I also heard that crafting by urslef is the only way to double-craft, or craft blessed. Cant confirm anything, however I have crafted a lot from craft shop, never had anything blessed or doubled.

    Karma bug

    If you are below lvl 85, easier way is to start another char and dont PK
  4. Your +12 bless apoc will deal extra 200-500 dmg to a millions hp mobs. Tanks equip weapon to get hp bonus and use skills,and ALL of your offensive skills are either debuffs or disables, not damage dealing. In pve, both tanks with +4 apoc and +16 bloody/dark cutter/avenger will have pretty much the same impact (unless OE affects the land-rate of debuffs, not sure about that). In mass pvp you might need to have bloody/dark with 3 sa, but again, not for dmg, so impact of +4 bloody weapon is almost same as +16 dark. Regarding "link weapon", dude if somebody is not satisfied with your weapon,
  5. What is the point of +12 bless apoc, if you already said that you will not be dealing any damage. Non-oe regular apoc, even requiem will give same hp bonuses, with under 1b costs. To author, 101 PK with +8 bloody armor set definitely can tank in Eleven Village (not the hard spots obvi), but you will have to actually play - kite, root, push, pull, spam raise shield/cubic etc. - can get to lvl 103 in a matter of days there. If I were you, I would sell bless +10 r99, buy apoc(or +4 r99 blessed, if you want to upgrade it later) 2sa, and work on getting +10 armor. Although, like I
  6. Not a single giant ls or Ancient enchant scroll, ROFL 2500boxes x 40coins e.a.=100k coins. 100k coins x 150k adena e.a. = 15b => wasted
  7. I am pretty sure anyone can do that thing you are talking about, how is that a dis-balance?
  8. AHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Here we are, thought for a bare moment that there will be something real.
  9. U simply use ur s grade gears to lvl till 85, when u awaken u will get 30 days top r grade gears and mentee diploma(if u have mentor) that can be traded to lower r grade gears. At lvl 81 u get quests in dragon valey to continue your path of awakening chain. P.s. if y dont have a mentor, I suggest you to find one.
  10. NPC Penny gives quests that gives Adventurers faction points. Each lvl of this faction give rewards. Now they are even better then that of 10-days quest.
  11. 0.2% per mob is only 500 mobs to lvl up, thats not too bad. You also can go to bloody swampland (gludio->dark elf village->bloody swamps) and ask somebody to power lvl, if you get summoner, titan or evis to help you, you will get your lvl in ~15 mins.
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