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  1. Ability Points Othel 105 lvl

    Hello all i just desided to play again , can someone help me ? , can someone tell me the AP setup for the best possible damage on Othell human changed onto dark elf (ghost raider) ? The items i have are full armor +10 pve +12 dual dagger 3 ab aug jewels ruby 3lvl +opal 3 lvl emerald lvl3 cloak +7 pve, rings earth wyrm or tauti or QA or creation , Earings ble zaken octavis warrior full STR dyes Neck Octavis warrior or fritezza lvl 10 tali giant , Abu lvl1 , Longin , bracelet +4 str , hair acces str p atk Crit dmg buff from LS giants +15% dont have adena for new purchase so i have to stick at my current items so if someone can tell me what is the best combo for the best result with the current items i would appreciate it a lot ! thanks !!!