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  1. To give a general answer to the replies,i had no problem with the lowest rates,im a hardcore player and already started 2nd class quest without vip at lv 35 +SE 30lv,im talking about what NCSoft refers to as Free to play and what it actually is.I 'd still play if i not about the queue but i cannot accept this thing.And if all people have this problem and im spamming,if we all spammed like this the problem would be solved in a day.
  2. I was expecting so much of this but you disappointed me.All vips can login but i have to wait 8-10hours ? and all of this to play a 'F2P' game ? increase your server capacity and make the game PAY TO PLAY with rates x1 FOR ALL.If you do that i will give 10-20-30 eu to play the game with montly subscription...but no im not paying for VIP.You are making official servers look worse than privates and it's a shame.Also,i believe almost none would think that to a vip 4 with exp rates x1.5,the EXP scrolls and FISH and weekly RUNE stacks and can make the exp x2.5+++?? Now that server rates raised for
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