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  1. Red cat and diamond sold. Still for sell pearl lvl 4,cat eye lvl 4, blue cat eye lvl 4,garnet lvl 5, cat eye lvl 5. Target me in giran or mail me in name Forme1991
  2. Wts red cat lvl 4. Mail me with ur offer in game in name Forme1991. I accept trade with radiant +5 any type. I have also afk shop with a lot lvl 4 jewells like cat eye, enerald, diamond lvl 4. /target forme1991 in giran.
  3. First, a lot people cant make easy r110 set +8 or more. R99 sets +8 or more is more easy to find. We talk about casual players. Second, bosses killed by 2 clans and if casual players try to kill even lower lvl boss cant success because have big resists and is hard to kill it. When i was in freya server before years we made random party every day and kill bosses.. Miss that days.. People now is lazy amd need much more partys to kill some good boss to have drops like augment circlet stones. Third, l2 craft based in ether material. U need a lot and i mean thousands of thousands each c
  4. Hello, A lot of players new and old need items which must be available all the year in l2 store. Some of them is really hard to find them now. Scroll of blessing of armor and weapon r99 standard blessed upgrade chance. Augment circlet stones Ether craft material (very important) Augment cloak stones Blessed scrolls for weapon and armor.
  5. Big problem with the r99 armor and weapons to make blessed and then bloody or dark. First, u cant find in server anymore these scrolls, only u can craft the low chance scroll, as a result people cant make blessed the parts. Second, the people who kill raids is some end game players and if they decide to sell 1,2 scrolls gonna be in high price as a result casual players cant buy. I suggest ncsoft put these on l2 store and in events or better in blacksmith to can buy them.
  6. Hello gamers, I have some questions about echant rate game. I have watch every day weapons and armors high + like +11parts of armor or +17weapons++. I am confused because i have try to echant parts of armor levanthian with 78luc and was very hard even with royal. I have lots of fail even in +5. My questions: Does luc help to echant weapon and armor or only in craft and spoil? How people make +12 parts armor and +21weapons? Is there any bug? Is just luck? Is some echant way which i must follow? Or just give up? Not make scence. I get stressed when i cant echant weapo
  7. Tank can build easy and can find easy party because a few tanks are active as main classes. U need everything about defence. Take sigel evas templar and for dual i think best option is tyrr because u can wear heavy armor. For lvl up after 105 u need party cant solo. After exalted quests u can join for pve partys to ur lvl but un 108lvl + areas u will need to boost items. Previous topics will help u
  8. Want to buy: seven sigh 14,5 bil Taurus +7 3bil Anakim agathion 5,5 bil Abydance lvl 2 13bil Abydance lvl 3 17 bil Mail me in game Forme1991
  9. Hi guys i just put in new collection system one kain lvl 6 for vitality bonus but cant see anything in item passive skill. Must put all the slots like 6 kain lvl 6 or 2 venir stage 11? I need help and explanation. Why cant receieve the bonus? To take 0,7vit bonus must put in all slots? I mean must put all the kains lvl 6 to take 0,7? Or just disnt show up in item passive skills?
  10. Hi mate welcome back!! First priority is to check ur exalted quests. Try to increase ur con with Dyes or other items like venir stage 19. U need also longing Try to boost ur p. Def, hp, elem defence with all the ways, items, skills. Read previous topics u will help u
  11. Hello, i have play tyrr titan but I can give u some realistic advice for tyrr duelist. First priority is ur weapon. Take frenzied tauti dual axe with tyrr and with one good augment. That will help u for some pvp fights and pve. Try for Dark Heavy Set r99+8 or more. Take tauti ring for p. Skill power and pvp. Baium Soul str Atlas +12 Special confusion earring Octavis neck normal Try to have 85+ dex and rest str. Radiant of authority +5 Try for veteran mask +4,+5 or queen navari mask +5. Insanity, 7s, Abudance lvl 1, venir stage
  12. +1* all Stat in artifact lvl 3 complete combo.
  13. My opinion is that tank have always priority the armor. I suggest bloody heavy r99 +8 or more or better r110 if u have good budget. Think carefully about the armor because prices will get down from r99 because the future project r120 will come, so people who have r99 gonna sell cheap to buy r110 and people with r110 gonna sell to buy r120. About weapon if u start play oly frenzied tauti 1h is really cheap atm in Chronos and with Sigel gonna clever solution for both pve and oly.. I was lucky to my tank and I got in frenzied tauti after 2 tryes passive skill who return 20 % damage to the a
  14. Yo daggers, This class in my opinion is one of the most balanced classes and enough easy to build up pve/pvp because need all the warriors boost p. Skill power, p. Skill critical dmg, p. Critical dmg, p. Attack, attack attribute. In 108 lvl with dual skills from 107 and mid grade gear I am very excited. My brother play yul and tyrr so I can say that othell in experienced hands can fight classes with better gear effectively. I have dark light set +10 +12 bloody dual r99 for pve Insane kelbim one hand with Sigel for pvp Baium Soul con craft. Yes baium soul becaus
  15. In my opinion Ncsoft must do a lot of changes. First of all must have new plan about the items which select to put in store. Second, I suggest if want people to take part with n coin to events every month, must give something good and not just pots and scrolls. Before two years helped a lot players with ring of creation, wyrm ring, venir stage 18+ and other good items. People really need motivation to buy n coins. If I buy n coin and take for reward potions and scrolls really I feel bad... Third, please read the comments from ur players. We try to keep alive this game and help
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