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  1. Othell guide 107+ Pve/PvP

    Hi Vassy, thx for answer. U have right I forgot some items. I have radiant authority +1, I am trying for + more but I don't have good luck Stat. About belt 8 have ekimus. I hope some day to wear rules. I have p. Critical dmg augment to my weapon. At least I was lucky on that. Now about wyrm, yes that ring have p. Critical dmg 18% almost, but nowadays is too much expensive. Tauti and ant queen with str craft was more cheaper. In last days tauti value increased. Also I have full str dyes+15. Red cat eye is also too much expensive even when dye event is up. I khow is must item for othell but some items are crazy expensive like 800m each chest. Also I am trying to enchant the skills +power, time, p. Def. Mdef... My problem is in pvp vs feohs.. They use that cheat the mana shield and is almost impossible to take points.
  2. Othell guide 107+ Pve/PvP

    Hello othells, I will try to make a fresh and mid grade guide to casual players who love this class. My othell is 108 lvl and I can farm solo and make some pvp in oly and for fun with friends really effective. My gear: Dark light set +10, +12 dark dual daggers, +7 pve cloak, exalted cloak, Tezza soul with skill cool down craft, Blessed zaken, Atlas earring +12, Ant queen soul with str craft, Tauti ring, Talisman: hunter, insanity, 7s, venir stage 16, exalted, protection lvl 3, Christmas talism. Veteran mask +3, Artifacts, p attack, p Def, m Def, attack/Def attribute, vampiric rage. I am waiting artifact event to make more and better. Jewells: ruby lvl 4, opal lvl 4, emerald lvl 4, Garnet Lvl 4, cat eye lvl 3, tanz lvl 3. Agathion I am trying to boost p skill critical dmg and p critical dmg. If I will have one more slot in future I will put anakim holy barrier. Please let ur comment and ur advice. Thx
  3. Othell vs Feoh

    Yo othells, I need advice tips vs feohs. In 1 vs 1 they use all the time the mana armor as a result they have a lot reflect and they don't receive my dmg.. I am trying to burn their mp but still can't survive.. Any tactic will help thx
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    HI, what exactly gonna change about pk system? I didn't read the previous topics
  5. Othell Ability Tree For Oly

    Yo, can someone pro in oly post his ability tree? I have found only for pve. Also is good option single dagger dark+12 r99 + enchanted r110 shield or insane single dagger/dual dagger? Insane have the spirit of kelbim skill but +12 dark have more dmg.. What u think guys? Feryl If u still playing can u give us ur advice?
  6. Mentee System Need Changes

    Hello guys, mentee system need changes because a lot of people creates all the time characters only for the mentee coins to their main character with result to can exchange item like atlas scroll and end veteran scroll and other scrolls. This have a result to have big log in delay and heavy activity. This model in mentee system I think is wrong.
  7. Gemstone Powder in l2 store

    I want to suggest to put Gemstone Powders in l2 store with n coins or hero coins. Thanks
  8. No adena drop

    After the updated we don't have adena drop. Will have adena drop only with vitality or is some bug? We want official answer about that because isn't clear yet. If adena drop gonna be work only with vitality, then we talk about one of the biggest mistakes about it. In my opinion is very bad move and a lot of people gonna quit. We play years this game, we love it and we try to keep it alive. Please consider the opinions from ur players. With respect, Steve
  9. Gemstone Powder

    Hello guys, a lot of people can't find easy gemstone powders. Also a lot of players have make new toons and want to make boxes their lvl 4 jewels but needs to many powders which is impossible to do it box and can trade it. My suggestion is gemstone powder must be available with some way, npc store or l2 store. There is no point to wait just the event to take some powders which are overpriced when u need, if I remember clear 90 powders to seal ur lvl 4 jewel.
  10. Normal Sigel Guide

    Hello, after a lot of updates in last 2 years, we need a fresh guide about the most wanted class (tank and healers is the most important classes atm). Armor: Use exalted armor until u will have adena to buy +8 set or more. Weapon: Exalted cutter for start and then dark/bloody avanger with attack. Speed, hp, sigel. Jewells: Istina normal neck or tezza soul with hp craft, special confusion earring, orfen soul with p.def craft, baium soul with con craft, beleths ring. Talisman: venir stage 14 or more, anakim, outlaw or Abu lvl 1, longin. LA vie jewel: diamond, pearl, emerald, tanz, cat eye, Garnet, obsidian. Now some of them u have it reward from exalted. Noble Grace circlet Dragon shirt Veteran mask or savior. (better +3 savior mask) Veteran mask have low chance to enchant. Artifacts: p. Def, hp, attribute attack/defence, vampiric rage, attack speed/casting speed. U need at least to make the set up to take the effects from the lvl 1 book. This is a normal set up for tank. Not end game items and tons of overprice items. Have fun
  11. WTS/WTB

    WTS: +10 Ferios with confusion attack 15% augment. Chef Monk Belt +5 Garnet Lvl 3 Box Leona crystal stage 8. WTB : +12 DARK CUTTER, FRENZIED TAUTI 1H. Mail me in game (Chronos) Forme1991. I have also shop in giran. I accept trades if u have dark cutter +12.

    WTB DARK HEAVY SET+10 or more. Please mail me in game (not pm) with ur price. Name in game Forme1991
  13. Best Cloak For Oly?

    Hey mates sup? What is the best cloak for oly in tank? Pvp cloak or ferios and what augment? Also in description from pvp cloak single attack skill work in debuff single skill from tanks?
  14. Othell in oly

    Hello guys, I need advice from pro othell about ogh in oly. Lvl 106 Atm I have dark light set +8, +12 dark dual daggers with Sigel and kain 8(p.sk.cr dmg, p.cr.dmg), Paulina agathion +6, venir stage 16, Abu lvl 1, anakim and some other mid grade stf. What combo should I make with boss jewells for oly(mid grade cuz top is over price) and what about cloak? I have +10 pvp cloak with pvp dmg augm.. Should I try to buy cloak with p. Skill. Critical dmg or confusion attack? I love when confusion skills with stun or Para land in fight cuz save my ass!! Also dagger have strike skills but I don't have good rate at this state. So should I focus in oly in confusion and strike boost? Please let ur comment
  15. Confusion Augments

    Hello, i have notice that confusion augment in weapon from top grade spirit stone, in boss jewell from aria life stone and in noble circlet from circlet stone can't see the effect ion in item passive skill. I can see only the confusion effection in item passive skills from cloak. Also I have notice that u can't put same augm from aria life stone like p. Attack 256x2. Any idea?