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  1. Super Damage? Or Hack?

    it is actually kinda low... my top received hit was like 3.5 millions (being lv 103 with R95+10 light armor)

    you also can use the iss manually and leave the titan in macro, i do that with a lv 100 iss S-grade paulina light stuff and i don't run out of mana (i don't even hit coz i can die XD)
  3. p.skill critical rate

    dex by itself don't affect skill critical rate. what does it, is the superior light armor mastry from rouge classes. as how all the increments affect the final value, not sure, but i guess its like any other %modifier. you just multiply all of them. i also don't know how much % give every point of dex, but you can watch this old test to have an idea i guess http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=266485
  4. Movement

    is actually useful when you are inside the city, there are much pc/npc together or a few other ocations, and yeah it's possible, the only difference is now A and D keys also move your character, instead of turn it like before, but W ans S work the same as always, the keyboard arrows also work the same as before, so if you miss the turn keys, you still can use left and right arrows for that
  5. Replays!

    or just download a "clean" client and open them from there...
  6. tank skills bugs or?

    There is also a good part of fixed values not being affected by modifiers, and is obviously when you got debuffed. also, i remember in old updates we don't even have real descriptions of buffs/debuffs, they used to say something like "increase p.def. effect" so only having the description there is pretty nice even if sometimes have some errors, or you need to know some mechanics of the game to fully understand how they apply.
  7. iss or tank for oly

    i think you are wrong... i mean i agree with you if we talk about pre-salvation olympiads, but right now i think tank have the upper hand. except maybe for the doomcryer. tanks could have less survivability than before, but now they have more cc and better rates, run faster and his mp is practically infinte, i mean they can be spamming skill all the match w/o running out of mana, they also can use 2(mb even 3) times frenzy on each battle now.
  8. Dual/Fist extra Extra Fixed Damage (Attribute x2)?

    no, element don't work like that, element on your weapon is not directly related to the bonus damage from it, "elemental bonus" is just a modifier (one between others) something like this: [basic damage formula] * [element modifier] * [pvp modifier] * [pve modifier] * [other modifiers] this [element modifier] is just a number that multiply the damage(this number vary between 0.75 - 1.25, not sure if these numbers are correct, but should at least be something near). This variation depends on the difference between attacker weapon element and target def against that specific element. eh?? O_o
  9. Where Take Talismans by classes?

    just 2 things. -you used to get those talismans from fortress, castle and other npc(which used to appear on instances, but then it was removed and relocated to aden, just for ppl to use the remaining seals, but it should be gone for a time now). i don't know if you still can get them from castles or fortress. -that lethal resistance talisman was 1 of the common r-grade ones, but im totally sure the guy on the picture is not using it because we don't have lethal on pvp since GOD update like 6 years ago(on that update it was actually removed from daggers and archer skills) and half kill damage don't count at olympiads (at least till the last time i played) and i think u got that picture from that olympiad video you posted earlier. so there is no point on using lethal resistance, it should be other thing, p.def and m.def maybe...
  10. Superior Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery works on any sword/blunt, it doeasn't matter if its 1 or 2handed. "SIgel" it's a 3rd Special Ability you can set on a weapon (there are 3 options, Tyr(p.atack), Feoh(m.atack) and Sigel(hp)), to get this you need a "Mystic Soul Crystal" it's a very rare item depending on the server you play it could cost many billions... -reflect is pretty obsolete, since many updates ago, there are many items that give protection against it, so any high end player should have 100%(or near) resistence against reflect nowdays, (but against low average players it could still be very usefull). -the chance is not really small, but it don't come from normal augments, to get that, you need "Life Stone Instilled with Giants Power" which its very expensive stone. it gives 1 of 10 posible augments. -yeah, elemental shirt was a "event" (a promo or special sale i would say...) hes using +10 shinny shirt which give some stats, skills and some other things. -dyes, hes using 1 lv 5 legendary con dye, and 2 lv 5 ancient or maybe giant str dye (why this configuration? i don,t know, probably he wanted 130 str to get the p.skill crit bonus and the rest just more hp) -i don't know exactly what 4th dye is he using, probably 1 that gives you 1 extra revelation skill , its from the store(btw i think on this server are more of this dyes than in core)
  11. as far as i remember the damage from this skill is only reduced by "direct damage reductions" not affected by any def ie: " PVP damage reduction" "damage reduction" "fixed damage reduction" but never tested, i guess it's also affected by pvp damage increases
  12. clan skills have never worked at olympiads. im pretty sure the toon on the video was made specially to farm olympiads,(i mean he started as a hierophant, to keep mystic inmunity, then switched to doomcryer to get freezing flame) also all that items involve serious real money expenses to get that hp there are many sources some of them are: -weapon SAs: he have tauti with 3rd sa, that is 25% from tauti + 15% from sigel sa -ap skills: from ap you can have about 25%, but he is wearing light, so i don't know if have the 15% that are from the heavy branch -dual skills: from dual skills you are suposed to get 24% more (but i think is a little less, i dont know if he have this also, sometimes is better to get other skills from this part) -eva rune: 10% more -giant's battle roar augment: 10% more -aside from this, there are many items which gives fixed amounts, ie: ruler's authority, seed talisman, elemental shirt, each overenchanted part of the armor -and obviously there are some from base level, and CON stat i don't know if i forget something, but at least there you have some info.
  13. i think that part of the skill is almost useless as rolling thunder from tyrs... i also wondering if holy increase the damage, and tested with paulina s grade vs paulina apo... but i cant say if it work or not.. in any case, if it is holy damage, you will get a max bonus of 1.25 from which is very poor on 200-400 hits... so i would say stick with warrior weapon at least you are using that retri with sos....
  14. Etina's End - end of titan (but not wynns)

    i think you guys are forgetting a little thing here... as far as i know titan is not the "king of pve" bcoz they do tons of damage 1 vs 1 only, it could be part of it, but that is not all. they can also can farm with polearms remember? so i think this "king of pve" tittle its bcoz their versatility.
  15. ISS Dye CON or STR?

    the problem is, with the update iss lose many things... barrier, now have double of the previous cd, and its weaker (at least you have really good equipment, or maybe heavy sacrificing cdr...) they lost some offensive skills, suspension, oblivion and cancel.. also i don't know if it's bcoz the clan skills, but it seems that now mp last a lot less... also wizz harmony got a nerf. ie: pre-salvation for tanks was close to impossible to win against isses(even for some pretty stacked tanks, now they can easy win against isses), and for tyrs was not so different, does topaz damage count on olys now? in any case, now i think they a lot more gear dependent than before, i would not pick an iss for olympiads as things are right now.