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  1. Hammerforge FOR PRESIDENT!!! GJ! All true!
  2. blizzard just banned allot of botters ..
  3. https://blizzardwatch.com/2020/06/22/blizzard-bans-74000-accounts-botting-wow-classic/
  4. This Event is Awful

    Sad but true...
  5. World Chat

    any news ? when the problem will be fixed? HELP PLS ! TNX!
  6. World Chat

    I have the same bug ... pls help
  7. Kill l2

    all true
  8. Aden mini game

    I won 5 times vs antharas 5 and only feathers and scrolls so.. yeh..
  9. Nice changes! Tnx! But we need also U.I. changes to chat like old one and we need to see debufs on mobs pls we need to be able to sell back to the npc. Keep up the good work!
  10. So is it fixed?

    So 51 days later... Can we sell parts and recs to the npc now ? Are there any bots left on the server? is the chat box back to the old one ? etc.. etc.. etc. is it safe
  11. All true here! More than a month has passed.. and still... nothing..
  12. What Happend??

    Sorry NO!
  13. Server Fix !

    So any news?
  14. Server Fix !

  15. A Grade Weapon & Runes

    So still nothing ?