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  1. @mixa, you stated that you didn't know what people didn't understand about the change.. i assumed you hadn't read the patch notes.. i was trying to help you understand what people didn't understand... i have succeeded in doing that by informing you that balok information was not mentioned, leading to the misunderstanding.. i'm really not sure why we're even still having any kind of conversation about this..
  2. smaller, bigger, medium sized... at any rate, they failed to mention it. when they make changes that impact gameplay, it leads to misunderstandings.. now maybe you will understand what people don't understand about it..
  3. what's not understood about balok is why it was changed with zero mention of it in the patch notes i suppose...
  4. i won't totally disagree. i've been on this server for over 10 years.. when i started, it was $15usd/mo for each account. if that is their goal, they need to just go back to that instead of making it pay to win... imo, pay to play 100% or free to play 100%... mixing the 2 is bad politics
  5. so you're suggesting that in a free to play game, the only way we can play is to spend money? doesn't that defeat the purpose of a free to play? if i don't want to spend real dollars, i can't afford soulshots anymore? we will be forced to run a healer and a buffer because we can't afford spirit ore? maybe it's lost in translation but i'm confused by your post and my comment is the way i understand what you're saying @Ambicija. please correct me if i misunderstood what you say
  6. @Juji, i understand you guys are under a lot of pressure from a lot of people. i usually try to be patient but i just have to say something. the hotfix is getting very cold very fast. i have gone through almost 200k soulshots since yesterday on an alt archer plus countless spirit ore for buffs without a single adena dropping.. with current events (stay at home orders and all), those of us that have loved and played this game for years are left with little choice but to log out to avoid spending adena from main toons to continue running alts/boxes. now, we sit on our couches twiddling our thumb
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