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  1. again another clueless person that doesnt know this planet has TIMEZONES..please we need smarter people to play this game
  2. This shows people dont know a thing about classic and they think they are playing interlude.. Thanx for the good laughs the past few days
  3. lol guys you are so funny... they wont make the game according to what is voted on nonsense polls so please stop it
  4. godamn i hate attribute system... its were the game starts breaking
  5. Man this clan chat has so many spicy memes that pewdiepie will make a meme review for us
  6. you can box 3 accounts per pc so if you have lets say 3 laptops you can have a full party of 9 members in the same IP
  7. Please insteed of spamming a million of threads about this hime already said they will try post them later today.
  8. Wth is this poll.. delete it and go commit not feeling so good
  9. All chars are 99, all buffs are just from iss 99 nothing else, i cant run now since i rerolled and my char has no items. It just funny how must you guys insist on me being wrong when i did it more than 2 months everyday. I took more exp on my main that had VP couse i was doing everything else on dual and the iss/healer that had 0 VP took way less exp when i killed kalios. You can debate as must as you want, i didnt have "secret" buffs or nothing else. My setup was the most basic you can have to solo a k95 with evis.You can say whatever you want link me pages and books of patch notes but yo
  10. Actually i have not made k95 during this event so i dont know but explain me this then: all 3 boxes are in the same clan so they have same passives, none of them uses ncstore items for anything all of the have 3% from proclaim, none of them have mentee logged. Why i take almost double exp(i dont remember exactly the numbers since 1 month past from ly last k95) on the char i keep VP? just explain this since you have time to make me look like some degenerate stupid
  11. What the hell are you guys say... i solo k95 all the time and my iss healer with no VP take aroun 12bil exp while my main with VP takes around 23bil without scrolls or clan passives or anything like that, just VP.. You guys are LOL
  12. Fr1ck

    Newbie questions

    No i asked some general questions and you 2 made it DEX vs STR, you can go argue on reddit or somewere else.Thanx
  13. Path to awakening is not working for quite a long time now. You get your C grade paulinas for free at class change when you get 40lvl and then keep doing the quests that pop on your screen until you get to 60 and do the quest for A grade and 76 you get dynasty.
  14. Fr1ck

    Newbie questions

    Read again, i just said i know it gives 20%crit dmg so no need to advice on that again... Yeah i have visa and money but also i have a working brain and i wont spend on a dead game for sure, i know the situation with events and p2w so no thanx. The topic derailed really fast so i want to ask @Conguero to lock it if possible
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