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  1. want to check log of my pc - or anything of that sort ? or you just like to bs ?
  2. And we do got banned because of that too - truly what the bleep NCsoft
  3. Well , you right - I have read a bunch of topics about how bad is lineage 2 being handle but at this level it beyond my expectation - ridiculous !
  4. I too report bot whenever I seen them - never expected that I am the one got banned - IRONY !
  5. ho shit - that was beyond bad - wtf are they even doing
  6. not 20 minutes for sure - cause I wait for mana to regen not afk - 6-7 minutes most
  7. My two accounts just got ban 'cause sitting to recovery mana at the spider nest...
  8. Ehm........ So my two character is cleric Airina and mage Salia just being blocked due to suspicious activities ... I just doing the quest for Salia's at spider nest , she out of mana and sitting to recover back that and Airina's just stand there while I waiting and listen music on youtube and browsing discord . Is there a rule again using box now ? P/S : On a side note I just report two bots in the spider nest and then I got ban - oh , the irony
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