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  1. maybe stupid question,i were on few RB runs,didnt saw any sealed runes drop. where to get those from now?
  2. fro the moment you answer,you afraid to be punished ,because you cant report players that just play and come to your spot.
  3. yes,on one computer at same time,even no delay,give him a medal ,or you think we dont know how in-game macro look like?
  4. it is automation because its auto use with help of 3rd party soft 4 or more window skills at same time targeting same target and etc,problems with understanding and translation again.
  5. can a normal mouse/kb make whole party to attack once at same time? you are so funny guy. you still have problems with reading the whole thing and translation. (Im the one who played legally 1 party on 3PC`s 3/3/3 windows to kill RB on AUTOMATED in game macro on Skelth,and i can say that its not so easy,but things i see on video,i have 6 computers at home,so i can run 2 party,with that AUTOMATED 3rd party software i can go clan war alone)
  6. @kupuldog he have problem with understanding what is 3rd party software and automated. what is in game macro and what is 3rd party software macro. and yes,also he have problems with "harassment" . Edit: also he have problem to understand that i can make 3rd party program NOT bot ,but 3rd party program ,and launch whole clan on macro and go clean some location alone,but who we trying to speak with ,its legal he say.
  7. again,i dont care what you think,and again,we have rules here,and again you have problems with translation. new game new server new forum new owners new rules.
  8. no he dont need to search the rules that got deleted,and the rules that he quoting say no 3rd party software that automate process SUCH as bot,you know what word SUCH means? it means that its not only bot,but other 3rd party software that automate game process too,problems with translation?
  9. no,because its not 3rd party software ,understand,problems with translation again? and you defending your wrong position here because you use that software. because you cant play legal game with your fingers,you need 3rd party software to take advantage over other players.
  10. all answers for me are in the rules,rules that i can read,3rd party program that automate process "auto spam 2nd.3rd.4th... window (boxes) skills,auto spam cp pots" is illegal. and i see that you have problems with understanding rules,understanding what is automate,what is 3rd party soft,what is soft that help you to take advantage over other players.
  11. IN ORDER TO AUTOMATE you have problems with translation,what word you did not understand?
  12. "THIRD-PARTY PROGRAM" "SUCH AS A BOT" IN ORDER TO AUTOMATE "auto spam cp pots by 3rd party program" GAMEPLAY FUNCTIONS any automation software you need help with translation? what word you do not understand? @beleaua
  13. we are in this forum,in this game,and i dont see such rules,everything i see that you cant use 3rd party software that helps you in game,using it is illegal,so as i said,i dont care about what you lie here,everything that i saw on video is illegal,also automated spaming cp pots by 3rd party software is illegal also,because it makes you stronger against player that dont use that software,so use YOUR BRAINS.
  14. there is no such rules,you lie,its only your rules that you and only you think are legal,bot users also think that their bot is legal,adena sellers also think that its legal.
  15. i telling you once again,you are nobody here to tell that this is legal,you and only YOU think that this is legal,because you use it,its not about fingers,its helping you to win against players that dont use this stuff,so it is illegal,even CP potions spam.
  16. making IN GAME macro,yes,but not that stuff that i see on video. and you are nobody here to tell that this is legal. @beleaua and if you use it and still not banned that does not mean it is legal,and when you get banned,dont cry "Why ban?"
  17. yes,some ancient post from we dont know which server .
  18. yes yes,vip already have que,i will start laugh when i wont login for 3 and more hrs even with vip
  19. so you all that telling me that its not against the rules want to say that i can make macro out of game for auto healing buffing crafting etc,and its not against the rules? IT IS AGAINST THE RULES. and you ,who defending this stuff are dumb botters and must be banned.
  20. and those "multibotsters" make people to wait in que
  21. i calculated that i can login in around 8 hours
  22. he is using software anyway,so bun him bun him
  23. you cant login even if you pay,because you need to buy something from ingame shop to activate VIP
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