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  1. I understand that hyri/hydro/promi are not 100% success rate but CDL was 100% before the update. If cdl is not 100% land rate then it is not viable anymore, cause if cdl fails you are pretty much dead. Any feedback on that from other classic servers?
  2. Hello, i am 63 lvl Sph full items/buffers and i am looking for a cp or aoe pt for farm and fun. Pm "NZT in game or message me for more!
  3. I couldn't agree more with you. Without any further announcement, matchs remain and prices have gone to the sky. Also i see chars that sell 8k matches which is really strange since information was stating that event ends 02/01/2019. This is clearly unprofessional from the Official Server, you should stick to your word or inform us about this earlier. I am really disppointed from this.
  4. Hello guys, I am spellhowler 50 lvl full C (Karmian,Sage, Top C jewls). I also have SE and prophet boxes. Looking for english speaking mage CP. My time is GMT +2 and i am really active 20:00 - 2:00 and weekends much more. In game name NZT - feel free to contact me. Kind Regards
  5. So, i am playing spellhowler currently at 50 lvl. I managed to get my Sage staff +3 and now i need a good place to farm. i have tried all the areas that i can 1-2shot mobs like ivory and cemetary, but the adena rate is ridiculous around 150-200 per mob (which is totally not in line with l2 wiki). Any suggestions please?
  6. Hello fellow players, I have created a page on instagram uploading photos and short videos of my adventures on Aden server. Feel free to check it out and leave your feedback. My Page is https://www.instagram.com/lineage2nzt/ Thank you!
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