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  1. You guys are just bunch of hypocrites.... MAX clan was the one who found Antharas spot and hid their boxes in bugged location and now you are crying for fix? why wouldn't you submit a ticket at the time you found a bug? why do you cry after 2 months? Want PVP? stop using command channel bug on fixed spawn bosses
  2. Thanks for fast action
  3. Please add Merkilos passes to the store. You have extended the event, but you haven't extended the sale @Juji @Hime
  4. Getting random Disconnect

    +1 Since yesterday morning I'm getting random disconnects
  5. No bloody stones on naia!!!!

    Bloody stone fragments drops from mobs in Elven Village, Hellbound, Garden of Spirits. i saw them, they are real Raiders Crossroad quest can give you bloody stone on all lvl99 boxes. Almost every other event we have bloody stone as reward, during events bloody stones/fragment prices goes down. Keep 1 trader in Aden 24/7 and if you get at least 1 stone on a good price = you won. Ppl just dont wanna do anything and wanna cry about lack of adena.
  6. Totally agree. Either NC should change the rules which haven't been changed since 5 years, either all participant must follow this rules and NC have to make sure that those rules are followed. Me and few of my friends never participated media contest exactly because we are not residents of US. On my opinion, NC must revise the rules for contests entry and let the community vote for the winner.