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  1. Dear @Juji , We have following problem: Eviscerators with Paagrio Earring hitting NOT PETRIFIED chest and GET ADVANTAGE of that, because each proc of earring removes 2+% hp of the chest. Until now this issue was not resolved, the only action we got from you is post on forum WITH MISTAKE. Now we have another problem: those Eviscerators got Dignity buff from Dragon weapon Stage 2 (while not holding weapon itself). Please give us some pro tips on how to fight/control multiple chars (who got 2 min immunity +bugged item that gives advantage in killing chest) using legit ingame methods.
  2. Disabling system is not fair for all when only one person on the server is using bugged item.
  3. Lets vote for the return of old PK system for a month, get popcorn and watch all this "I CANT MACRO AFK OMG" people losing every single item they had
  4. Is this a joke? Thats what you call patch preview?
  5. How long it will take to monitor? A year or two? We were suppose to get compensation 2 weeks ago for that stupid 12h maintenance or you still monitoring our anger?
  6. We want answers! We want you guys to show us that you actually read what we write. It's not a big deal to reply when is anniversary, which month(season) is update and if we'll get any compensation.
  7. Prolly end of summer- mid of autumn, because "mysterious DEV team" decided to combine 3 updates together
  8. Any News for Anniversary? Suppose to be in April, no? Any news on compensation for last week fail which brought more lags and issues? You keep deleting posts and threads without answering! @Juji @Hime
  9. So no answer for us? Maybe you better to keep forum broken, so we cannot bother you with our questions and opinions! What is the use of an official forum with no official representative answers? /summon @Juji @Hime
  10. 9h (failed to commit to time) 12h of maintenance and: Prestige pack issues Forum issues Verification issues AAAAND lags every 10 mins instead of previous 30 mins maybe something else that i haven't notice Are we getting any compensation (Please don't call Angel cat a compensation) to people who was waiting whole day to log to the game while you were (What exactly you were doing by the way?) breaking the game? For people who were unable to receive attendance rewards and some of them cannot receive them until now? We can understand long maintenance when yo
  11. Do you really think that Nevit is all we need on the last oly week?
  12. Does it mean we have to wait another 6 months for mystery DEV team to prepare update while all other servers already have Fafurion?
  13. And again: If you don't have Fafurion update content, you should not have access to Forgotten skills. We are not kids in nursery who can believe that you don't know if Santa will come this year. If you would be honest from the beginning we would not be that angry by now
  14. I know. But I want them to officially admit that they are planning to cut upcoming update. Somewhere deep in my heart I want them to promise that they will not remove Damaged Spellbooks.
  15. By the way. If you don't have Fafurion update yet, you should not have access to Forgotten Skills as well. Am I wrong?
  16. So you mean that there is a chance that now you are selling items on insane price that might be free in few months? Or you mean Dev team might consider removing drop of the item that exist on all other servers? This where suppose to be one of the main features of upcoming update. That was the only way for normal players to make adena. And Dev team might consider to remove it?
  17. @Juji Please answer our question! are you planning to remove free forgotten scrolls from upcoming update?
  18. What about Chapter 2 immortal scrolls? Can you give us an option to convert it to smth usable?
  19. @Juji Could you please give us clear answer, if this event means that we will not have damaged spellbooks drop in upcoming update. If we wouldn't have it that means NCWest cutting game functional again in order to make easy money, like it was with brooch jewels. If we would have spellbooks drop you have to inform your customers that this event is some sort of early access to future update content, but there will be free way to get spellbook later. Otherwise it might be considered as scam, as you are asking money for free items.
  20. You guys are just bunch of hypocrites.... MAX clan was the one who found Antharas spot and hid their boxes in bugged location and now you are crying for fix? why wouldn't you submit a ticket at the time you found a bug? why do you cry after 2 months? Want PVP? stop using command channel bug on fixed spawn bosses
  21. Please add Merkilos passes to the store. You have extended the event, but you haven't extended the sale @Juji @Hime
  22. +1 Since yesterday morning I'm getting random disconnects
  23. Bloody stone fragments drops from mobs in Elven Village, Hellbound, Garden of Spirits. i saw them, they are real Raiders Crossroad quest can give you bloody stone on all lvl99 boxes. Almost every other event we have bloody stone as reward, during events bloody stones/fragment prices goes down. Keep 1 trader in Aden 24/7 and if you get at least 1 stone on a good price = you won. Ppl just dont wanna do anything and wanna cry about lack of adena.
  24. Totally agree. Either NC should change the rules which haven't been changed since 5 years, either all participant must follow this rules and NC have to make sure that those rules are followed. Me and few of my friends never participated media contest exactly because we are not residents of US. On my opinion, NC must revise the rules for contests entry and let the community vote for the winner.
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