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  1. Returning player question

    I'll try that! Thanks so much!!! Um May I ask what is a good sub class for a sword singer? ISS w/e they're called now?
  2. Returning player question

    I did not receive any R grade armor/weapon after lvl 40 like the new toons get. That was the reason for my post...
  3. I just start back playing and have run a brand new character thought the 1-85 quests just fine (except for the bugged way of the wondering knight quest). My question is, I have a few toons I made back in 2004-2009 that are between levels 45-63. I took one that was level 53 through the quests and she's now 85...were do I get the R grade armor/weapon(s)? The new toon received R grade armor/weapons after questing. My older toon that is now 85 is wearing the C grade armor/weapon that she had on when I stopped playing years ago. With prices these days I cannot afford R grade for these toons, but I hate to not level them now that it is easier. Any suggestions? Or is there a quest to receive these 'starter' R grade items??? Thanks in advance