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  1. NCSOFT should take a look to Windy Hill (Singing Wind / Wespering Wind) and see how many bots are there right now.
  2. Normal, if they ban real player like my friend
  3. Shared account = cheating ? First thing first, they cant tell if you log at your friend house or if its actually your friend who log it.
  4. Ok and how they can determine that you dont have a laptop and playing at your friend house.... this is bullshit actually.
  5. Account sharing forbidden ??? Come on.... i have a laptop and i play on different IP cause i go to friends house.... so try to proove that someone is sharing his account versus playing from house to house.
  6. I PK those 4-5 bots with Unicorn, had 13K of Karma.... finish to clear myself.... they all came back.
  7. Hello,We're truly sorry for your experience in-game so far. We are aware that some violators aren't being caught in our daily routine check. Still and all, the team is tirelessly working towards eradicating and sanctioning Violators including bots. You can always help us out by providing us with character names of offenders or a screenshot, whichever you prefer, for us to investigate.Anyhow, I appreciate your act of petitioning on behalf of your friend. However, please understand that we will not be able to provide any information about his account and our investigation due to privacy and secu
  8. Just curious !!! Can someone certified that sharing account with friends is forbidden and we can be perma ban for that ??? Cause i play Lineage 2 since forever and IRL friend, we sharing account without any problem since forever.
  9. Good afternoon Im not the kind of person who like to come on forum and read stuff, cause must of the time, i just dont care but with all what i heard right now, i cant stand in the shadow. So, now NCSOFT start ban active player who pay and pay a lot of money and dont make any effort to remove those spammer who try to sell adena or those real bots who are 24/7 farming at Windy Hill with 4-5 accounts and same patern (ES with unircorn, no buff) video as been send to NCSOFT support, hope they will make something about them. About those random player who got ban, this is ridic
  10. You are not the only one.... We have clan member who buy a lot of NCcoin and he got ban too..... Lowky We trying to fight against NCsoft but they saying : We dont find any third party program or any cheat program but we dont take any chance.... you know, those kind of stupid answer.
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