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  1. I've talked to 3 CPs that are all done. Some even already blew up or sold their gear. Crazy s*** on Ncsoft part. Some of them are even part of the "whale" group. They seriously misunderstood just how serious the threats of "P2W and I'm gone" were
  2. You got it exactly right in your original post. :clap: I figured theyd give us at least a year, and even then not have a completely game breaking item for the have/have-nots
  3. Ashes of Creation when it launches, at least for a while.
  4. NcSoft Admin : Bet you can't kill classic within the next couple weeks Juji: Hold my beer.
  5. NcSoft, If you could hear the discussion going on among some of the very high level people/parties on my server, You'd realize just how big of a misstep this is. You told us the store was "mainly going to be cosmetics and XP items", then 4 months into the server, you release a game breaking P2W item. We know you guys need money, we know that revenue here isn't going up anymore, if not trending downward over time, but expect that you will literally lose hundreds of players, including quite a few from the top CPs and clans on right now. You're literally putting classic on a downward spiral that it will not recover from. +1 to either Subscription / Higher VIP rewards/tiers / One item every 2-3 months that costs 20/30 USD (but isnt game breaking).... But this.... WOW. /signed 15 yr vet
  6. Lost my gift event.

    Unfortunately, No. They've clearing stated if dead or no slots in inventory, no event item will be given. Sorry about that, I would suggest next time you are close to buff ending, to stop combat/pvp until you receive the item
  7. Wasted 50% Runes

    Agreed, the constant disconnect is ridiculous. The problem isn't live players having boxes.... it's the thousands of bot accounts for fishing/halloween/farming Its not like the Rune was free. I believe compensation of runes for all of those who pay to support this game is warranted.
  8. Maybe you intended for the Halloween buff to work differently, but the description on the item actually lead us to believe that it was proper, it was working a certain way for a week now. so what? It didnt slow down mine or anyone elses spending did it? Why not just address this during server maintenance? Why take it down "emergency" to do something that only hurts your player base? Poor decision imo.
  9. Bot's and Multibox

    He looks kinda suspect, however just because someone can do something better than me, I don't automatically assume bot. Lets say a keystroke goes to multiple windows, like AHK used to do years and years ago. F1 Hate on tank - AF macro on all other toons F2 AOE nukes on nuker windows - Group heal on healer F3 Hate on tank - no shortcut on other windows F4 Macro - /useskillforce Blaze/Twister whatever, on all nukers You're not going to be able to do anything at this classic level as one toon. assume you kill one of his toons, you will die to the rest. It'd be easy to do at this basic level man. I could replicate this behavior within a couple hours, with no illegal software.