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  1. Guyz i see everyone complaining about adena drop rate and that i cant buy SS with the adena drop rate....noone told you that you are MEANT to use SS for the rest of the game.
  2. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    @HimeYou could make the buff to count mob kills or something so it will not be an afk event.Plz try to concider it at the future events @Hime.Because i farm for 4 hours to get 1 event candy and the other 100 bots that are just afk hitting the npc get weapons all the time.It will also feel better to the players knowing that farming that buff with mob kills will give them a little better chance than the rest to have a decent reward from the box. If you like the idea guyz upvote my post so the devs see it!!!
  3. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Same case here....back to 600+players
  4. Tyrant - heavy or light

    Also at lvl 40 light armor mastery upgrades to -25% less critical hits witch is pretty good for me if you think 1 in four crits is avoided.
  5. Tyrant - heavy or light

    Well the evasion from light armor mastery you take is actually +7 at 20-40lvl and +9 at 40lvl+ so its a pretty good passive if you think that ultimate evasion of daggers give them +20lvl1 and +25 lvl2.Also light armor mastery makes you take 15% less critical hits that means monsters and pvp also good but not sagnificant. The only down side for me would be is that you can lose the Agile Movement passive(+accuracy and +speed with light armor) if you wear heavy but its not even in the game and i still dont have an answer from a dev in my thread P.S. I don't even know if that helps you guyz but it didn't even help me,my own post!
  6. Tyrant - Force Burst

    You are welcome mate.I play a tyrant too add me if you want Rastamokko-Giran Server have fun playing this awesome game!!!
  7. Tyrant - Force Burst

    Well when you progress and start joining high lvl cp parties they gona ask you to aoe with a gladi or something so you have to use this skill.:)
  8. No fists

    Olfens you got your answer from Mastergumble's post. You have your starter fists as default when you start the game the rest to do is up to you Ncsoft won't babysit you for the rest of the game....
  9. Tyrant - Force Burst

    I think its a melee aoe skill. Check at the skills tooltip if it requires any materials to consume.
  10. I play an orc Monk and i noticed there is no Agile Movement passive(+accuracy and +movement speed when wearing light armor) at lvl 20. Why is that?If you don't plan on giving us that then there is no real reason to wear light or even skill up the light mastery at all.
  11. Server queue

    I just want to say thank you for fixing the dc issue but still the queuing time went to 2-3 hours.If someone has 4 hours per day to play this awesome classic server he can't,so may i suggest to make a second server with the same GMT like giran-2 and give people free transfer for a specific period of time?Or multiply the servers capacity of players?I don't want to tell you how to do your job but all i know is i still can't play my 22 lvl orcs because of how long the que is.