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  1. Hime, you guys from ncwest are really trying to destroy live servers? sometimes looks like that's your intention, 3 useless events one after another, in a moment that live servers are in the edge of the abyss, if you do not realize yet, live servers are in bad situation as it ever was before, the way things are right now it will not take long till ncsoft have to close live servers.
  2. This is the 2 week that we cant defend the base, first time we think was because server restart and we dont have ppl to defend it, but the true reason was because players are destroying the defense towers, there was lots of pts defending it this time and yet like 8 min after it start it fail, peaple see one guy destrying defense towers, Rivendale his name, ncsoft need to make that towers unabe to be target/destroyed by players, reset the instance, investigate all the peaple who use that bug to harm the entire server and punish them.
  3. ncsoft need to solve this or ppl will keep doing it, and we will never have Keucereus again
  4. one guy killed the npcs we need to defend.
  5. Everyone know Live servers are almost dead, we already have few players and everyday more peaple leave, only one good event, can save this servers, the current event just make things worse and discourage even more the few players we have, this is not the time to try new events that we dont know what will be the effect, its time to do events that everyone like, and RED LIBRA its exactly what we need now, that will keep the current players on server and bring back some that was discouraged with his/hers class, and event helping new players, everyone win and ours live server will survive a little
  6. Are you crazy? need one good equiped lvl 105 to do a lvl 100 instance, its not an average instance, its impossible for most of the players, that alone make it a bad event.
  7. amazes me how ncsoft know nothing about his players, they dont know that most of the players dont have equips to do that event.
  8. Its not only healer/iss/tank that cant do this event, my titan 101 with +8set, full rb jewels and tauti 2h cant do it, its only for top equipped dds.
  9. Hello, after this pach that fix auto macro, i try to do dimensional rift lvl 100 in my mage and them i see that mana regen was not working anymore, is this a bug or it was intentinal?
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