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  1. Then you did this to yourself; maybe if you had put sone thought into the trade we wouldn't be having this discussion.
  2. VIP gets shunted to the front of the queue, so you probably had a coiple VIP join just then.
  3. So you was forced to make the trade without double/triple checking everything? Someone broke into your house held a gun to your head and made you do the trade before you could be sure? If so then that is matter for the police and not NCSoft. If not then you did it to yourself. Scams are considered a part of the PvP aspect of the game; triple check everything or expect to lose it; make the person set up a private shop when doing direct trades, if a friend asks to check equipment have them get on voice comms.
  4. Please don't report me as a BOT since I am a live player even though I do follow all of his examples in the OP. There is a lot of times I may ignore one mob in favor of another; mainly looking for specific drops or quest items. If I get KSed I usually just ignore it, and continue on because no point getting all pissy over a mob or two at this point. If I am in full grind mode I pretty much tune out in game chat instead just chatting in voice comms with guildies and/or listening to some music or watching some hockey. So ther is abetter than even chance that I will miss any
  5. Original patch notes for today's Emergency Maintenance had it listed in it; turns out it was just the copy paste from the patch notes a few weeks back.
  6. VIP does move you to the front of the line, problem is there is a lot of people with VIP now so they now have a VIP line that they have to wait in. Those without VIP have to wait until VIPers get in before they get to enter; I have a feeling after so many VIP go they let in a couple of F2Pers or else the F2P que would never move. And yes they really should have made a way to apply VIP to your account before you have to wait in an 18 hour que so as to get VIP.
  7. If car engine breaks you are better off getting a new car; so you are saying everyone should just find a new game....just thought I would point that out.
  8. The Launch Packs ended being sold this morning.
  9. That is pretty much all you can do; that and pray for lucky C grade drops. Sadly no quests or anything for them.
  10. Rumor has it that if you spam this topic 20 times while spinning counterclockwise in your chair during the light of a 99% full moon your spoil rate will increase to those that are shown in l2wiki.
  11. If that is the case it really isn't going to stop them from dominating the server; if anything it will help them since they will be more dedicated to the grind anyways they will make even more money than those limping along. Plus with adena being so hard to get it is more likely to drive people to the RMTers since those guys will still be farming up a ton; the will just charge a slightly higher rate than normal.
  12. You do realize quoting l2wiki rates means diddly squat since; as has been pointed out numerous times, their rates are taken from teh EU server and so do not apply to the NA server. With that said they do need into looking at the scaling up of the adena, drop, and spoil rates since they aren't scaling up like one might expect as you are leveling. When yo go up in level you should be feeling more powerful and feel like you are getting some money; not taking a step back with your funds.
  13. Basically the OP is claiming someone has created hundreds of accounts to stay logged in with the buff to collect the box for the candies.
  14. Hate to be the one to break it to you but NCSoft is pretty much synonymous with poor customer service in the MMO world; they set the standards for least caring lol. You can keep continuing with your crusade, but just realize many have come before you and have failed. Just know that NA/EU isn't really NCSoft's target market; we are like that little after dinner coffee, nice to have but won't really miss it if it isn't there.
  15. That's just all Classic NCSoft...they are just continuing on with that "Classic Server Feel". Edit: I literally read everyone of his points and said "That's NCSoft what do you expect?"
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