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  1. Aden - Herosvillain If anyone has Powerful matches they want to throw away please mail them to me. Im usually on after 8PM EST on weekdays. I just want to get this dam even right. I think I was over the 60/80 now that I think about it. do not have much time on weekdays to hunt matches.
  2. I tried exactly this. both from Invent. and hotkey. started with 19 cooking ingredients, 2 bonfires. Use bonf. > target > frantically click/press hotkey for cooking ingredients, neda. I wasted 2 bonfires because I tried once from Inventory and another time with hotkey. now I dont want to way more bonfires as Powerful matches are kinda hard to get.
  3. Thats very kind man, but I really just want to know how to use these bonfires and Cooking Ingredient. the "simple" instructions are not working.
  4. How does this event even work. finally made 50 Powerful matches after 300!! sticks (head+sticks). Made a bonfire, have 19 cooking ingredients now. Click Bonf, R.click Cooking Ingredient, nothing. put in item slot, Use "on" Bonfire, nothing. Bonfire Disappears after 30secs of me frantically trying the above... Attempt 2, SAME RESULTS!. what gives. Now I only have 20 Powerful Matchsticks, and can only Exchange for 1 more Bonfire...
  5. This just happened to me at Gludio Harbor. I got the fishing icon pretty far away from the edge of the rampart and now the icon disappeared and I can no longer exit fishing. /unstuck cannot be done while fishing. Help??
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