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  1. Algum Clan/CP BR no Gludio?

    Estou a procura de alguma cp ou clan br no server gludio, futuro warlock uso ts3/discord
  2. Advice on Bishop or Prophet.

    that's the point you choose based only on your playstile, you can compare the classes and skills here: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Temple_Knight https://l2wiki.com/classic/Evas_Templar https://l2wiki.com/classic/Shillien_Knight https://l2wiki.com/classic/Shillien_Templar I prefer TK over SK at this versions, but its 100% personal Edit: Of course, this version we are playing has max level cap at 70, so any skills after that level will only matter on future patches...
  3. Automacro

    personally, i don't think it will ever come it's a feature that has never existed at the classic versions of l2, it was implemented on the latest versions and just remained in classic NC decided to remove it in NA classic from the beggining and 4game just removed it from the EU classic...
  4. u realize that just doesn't make sense, mathematically speaking? if all 1500 player went full boxing we would have 4500 online characters... it's obviously more than 2000 players, maybe not a lot more, but it's more
  5. i'm interested... what time zone u guys play? the time i log in is around 00:00 and 04:00 at GMT +1...
  6. Warehouse between characters

    had posted about the freight system, but now i saw it doesn't exist in classic.. just editing the comment as i can't delete it
  7. Advice on Bishop or Prophet.

    Dark Avenger (3rd class - Hell Knight) or Shillien Knight (3rd class - Shillien Templar) then... If u like support and also like tanks, Temple Knight (3rd class - Eva's Templar) may be your class, it's a really powerful tank with healing skills.. very useful later on, specially after 3rd class transfer... Paladin (3rd class - Phoenix Knight) also has healing skills, very good though A bishop is required in every party for pvp, and many parties for pve later the game, but have in mind it's a full support class which means u'll get 0 pvp and need help to farm/xp (which i think is no problem at all, many clans look for active bishops and even equip them, u just have to play the character and worry very little about the rest) Prophet is a fun class for olympiad and that's it it's completely replaced by a Warcryer later the game, which can buff and COV the whole party prophet is mostly the class u create on a secondary character to help u farm on solo zones after level 25, when it starts to get hard to farm solo... wouldn't recommend play this as a main class
  8. Solution to queue is 1 account per pc.

    i want to interact with other players, i don't want to need them to farm on solo zones... having a prophet with you is just the same as buying buff scrolls at ncoin, you can't box an entire pt full of supports, i'm talking about 1 support box... if u have 1 main box, 1 support and 1 logged in town selling items, there goes you're 3 boxes.. i think it's a good limit about the queue thing, its just open more than 1k slots, i've seen private servers run fine with 15k online players (of course, many boxes but counts anyway), why an official server is running with 6k cap? IF raising the cap still doesn't work, just open more servers + free server transfer for a limited time.. L2 had a lot of servers back in the day, correct me if i'm wrong, but i record about 7 servers, something like that
  9. couldn't agree more, you fight for a spot and is forced to farm for 2 hours to remove the karma... if u get 700 karma it should drop 5% MINIMUM per mob... killing 20 mobs to remove a karma of a player that had 0 PK is already between too risky/risky enough... killing hundreds of mobs is just "wtf?" how are u supposed to fight for a spot if u gonna be hunted and lose more xp by dying than you could earn by having the spot for your own?
  10. say it in front of a mirror, have in mind that's a "free to play" server if it doesn't get ridiculous, nothing else will
  11. Salve, Eu (futuro warlock) e meu primo (futuro bd) estamos procurando cp no giran... Jogamos a noite, entre as 19 e as 00h, fds qualquer horário, se a fila permitir Usamos TS3 e Discord Level 23/22
  12. dude, just stop suggesting this 1 client/PC crap, seriously have u played lineage 2 back in the days? before GoD? it is a game MADE to dualboxing... the problem is not the boxes, the problem is the player cap we have OFFICIAL servers running at HALF the capacity of PRIVATE servers, this is non-sense please, think about the shit you are suggesting on this forum the game is great, the experience is perfect the only thing screwing with the community is the queue, they need to make changes that don't affect the gameplay, like creating new servers + temporarily free server transfers / raising the player cap
  13. It's monday, fix your game

    1) HELL NO! It goes against everything l2 classic means... 2) Yes, everybody will miss it. People are just mad at this now because the player cap is low af. This is something that doesn't worth your time if you have to do it manually, but do a big difference if u put it afk. U can save hours of exp farm through a whole night fishing while u sleep... Not to mention the buff items u buy with fishing... 3) offline vendor is a thing, but many people like to stay online at towns negotiating item price. Auction House, again, goes against everything l2 classic means 4) this is just ridiculous, wtf man? Are we at private servers right now? 5) really good solution.. NC need to pick solutions that doesn't affect the gameplay by any means... classic gameplay is perfect right now the only thing they need is to make sure people can play, regardless of paying for vip... create new servers and make server transfers for free and/or raise player cap of existing servers
  14. One Thing I Don't Understand?(Queue)

    what makes ppl mad is the system that u "have" to pay 5$/5months to play while they say "TRULY FREE" ok, just put the game by subscription and it's done. U have to be honest with your clients... The players that didn't buy anything yet will most likely buy something in the future, unless they keep doing this shit or they raise the player cap, or they make it by subscription if it continues like that people will just stop playing, and it ruins the game u can be the nasty type of rich motherfker that says: "yeah, fk you all in the queue, i pay the bills of this server", but if you don't have players to compete with, the game is over to you too
  15. bye server, because bots

    1 - as the fellow said up here, these pics proves nothing, also 2 - u came to play l2 and didn't expect bots? REALLY? just report and move on