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  1. The reason they do little for the legit player is simple, $$$$$. They already did a mass banning of people who use 3rd party software, then they un-banned them all in order of VIP level. As for VIP, adena sellers look the same as real whales. While real whales just spend money on NCOIN, adena sellers invest $$$ into NCOIN, convert it to adena, sell the adena, and repeat the process. While it may seem like they spend thousands on the game, it's really just same small investment being recycled over and over. Many of these adena sellers also play close to 24/7, easily setting alerts in their
  2. Wait till this event is over and people are no longer persuaded to play with the hopes of free stuff from the event.
  3. This is the wrong forum to get help for that kind of "auto hunting"
  4. Glad to see they are finally listening to the community a little bit, but sadly these changes come too late for me. I like the addition of the L-coin store, and I am sure more and more items will be added to it. I also like the fact that LCoin can be purchased for NCoin, someone has to pay the bills, and whales gonna whale. The EXP/Drop/Adena rates should be made permanent, not a temporary event. The 7 client limit is great too, that is the perfect number for a Main DPS toon to have their own full buffs. Still a lot of work to be done. Maybe when you guys finish fixing all the things you
  5. I think this is great, but introducing this now is too little too late.
  6. If you are referring to cruma 2, there is a mob there that teleports you....when it does this it turns off the auto hunt feature....at least it used to.
  7. @Juji VIP 7 is already $125 per month to maintain. I really hope you guys will be revamping your fee structure before releasing VIP 10. If I have to choose between VIP 10 and a new Porsche in the garage, the Porsche will win and NCSoft will lose a customer.
  8. 1. You should at least be able to break even on shots/ore from raw adena drops in level appropriate areas, PERIOD. 2. Epics need to be fixed....low level epics boosted to 80, debuffs landing on high level epics, etc 3. L-COIN STORE. The shameless P2W events have got to slow down, and allow the guppies the opportunity to work for those P2W items the whales have been able to buy by dumping thousands into your boxes.
  9. drex


    @Juji This is really how you are going to release a teaser on what may be the best thing that could happen to this game? If you guys are really doing this, announce the details ASAP. You know how many event boxes you guys will sell by next week if we had the details? I am assuming a minimum VIP level will be required, and there will be 100's, if not thousands of VIP 0 alts, boxes, and buffers that will need VIP increases.
  10. @Juji @Hime Could you please provide some details on the upcoming changes to Silver Coins and the VIP system? Some of us have been suggesting for many months you provide us with the L-Coin store, and implement some sort of hybrid subscription system. Is it possible this is what will be coming? The track record for NCWest was been very poor, all you have done is remove content from the game without replacing it in any way, which has only destroyed the economy and decimated the games population. At this stage, I feel like I have already beaten game, with nothing left to do but spend mor
  11. Yes, the title is a little reference to the show "Manifest", for those that watch..... @Juji I understand the decision to lift the ban on most or all of those players who got caught up in the ban wave. Whether people like it or not, botting is essential to our economy, its essential to our population, and turning a blind eye is essential for NCSoft's revenues, which pays to keep the servers going. I didnt care that people botted before this little display of whatever this was, and I still dont care. But now that NCSoft has wasted time and resources on banning many of the servers botter
  12. Will pendant enchants have the same success rate as the first time around, or the new progressive fail rate you guys have implemented to milk more money out of people?
  13. Where's the list of items being removed? Can we stock up on those delicious Halloween Candy or will you be taking them away?
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