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  1. Bot system is pitiful

    I recently had an account blocked for "suspicious activity". I made the account one day thinking I might create a box sws, put some top ng on it, and logged it of after maybe 5-10 minutes. About 1-2 weeks I went to log it in to take the gear back(I hadnt logged it since and the lone character on the account was still maybe lvl 4) and the account was locked. I followed the instructions and the account was unlocked within 24 hours. I still have no idea what was suspicious....the hundreds of naked dwarves deleveling outside ants nest, or the hundreds of pony elves farming around all of the 40 level mobs isnt suspicious, but me creating an account and playing it for 3 minutes raised a red flag?
  2. I cant log in to most of my accounts on the website in order to replenish ncoin. Anyone else having this problem? Been trying for a couple of days. Submitted a ticket from an account that does allow me to log in, but havnt gotten a response.
  3. Has anyone calculated how much XP or how many Super XP Scrolls it would take to go straight from 40 to 45? I plan to stay 40 and farm AI/Aden 40 until I have enough scrolls to go straight to 45. Sitting on 15 right now
  4. Ban for nothing ?

    There are so many LE Wiz with ponies botting everywhere, anything else has become the "suspicious" behavior. Try doing second class change on a PP or SE right now. I'll probably get banned because it was "suspicious" I was able to finish it.
  5. 13 pages, has there been a single response from a GM? Back in the old day, you paid $10/mo/account, so banning thousands of paying accounts was 10's or 100's of thousands per month in lost revenue. But what financial contribution are today's bots making to NC? With no financial contribution, adena sellers can simply bot new accounts with no risk, so I do not understand the hesitancy of NC to swiftly ban bots? Reporting is a joke, you get 1 report per 1/2 hour? How are you supposed to report every bot in a bot party? Or report the 20+ parties in a single area? And for a PvP game, the players have very little ability to police the bots without significant financial risks to themselves, which is freaking stupid. As someone stated earlier, a single GM can single handedly wipe a server of bots in a very short period of time. Go to an area, ban the blatant ones, and those toons will have to start from scratch again. It will take a while before newly started bots can get back to 40-50-60+ again. But it is a joke that real players have to be afraid to use a loop macro on their mouse or gamepad, but full BLATANT bot parties operate with immunity.
  6. I have not been getting the the 50% exp/sp bonus on any of my characters, only my VIP bonus and scrolls/runes. Are you saying no one was because adena/drop was boosted by mistake, and after the Maintenence the xp/sp will be working? @Juji
  7. What does one have to do for the 50% exp/sp bonus? I am not getting it, I am only getting my 15% VIP 3 bonus.