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  1. Silence is Concerning

    Im saying that because it happened in the Aion forums, when we got a gear exchamnge table, Cyan (forums CM) was able to poat updates when korean team made the changes. Also, I wouldn't be suprised if they are trying to fix thing asap (or even preparing a new server) but are waiting that everything works before posting to avoid hype backslash.
  2. Silence is Concerning

    It's your company NCsoft? No? Well, you get it.
  3. Silence is Concerning

    This may shock you, but people usually is not at work during the weekends. Also, if they are CM, it means they cannot tell us anything unless Devs tell them to do it.
  4. Woah 45 hours holy damn that's a lot of our lifespan, you should make a gofundme to keep going with the traumas... /S

    Pretty much this, everytime they opened new servers in other games, they became ghost towns after a week, I can understand why they tried less this time.