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  1. Hello to every1, we still have big problem with rate, its unbelievable but its tru, after 1 year, we still have broken rate and problem is not about low rate or high, problem is they are ubalanced, they increase rate for all location for 20% and now we have more billions bots on low lvl,solo bots who make adena from air, they no need equip, on 20 lvl you have drop, same as on 70, how its can be? And they put last update from essence where in some location very high respawn of mobs, so this solo bots have more adena, i want attention from administration about this problem, because ppl who still
  2. Lol just fix all or nothing,bored with this situation, we come to cruma at 40 exp till 48 and cant make even 1 c weapon, now we got fix,and what we can do with lvl and no gear?next will be dv/toi same?
  3. What wrong with you Juji? Never see so bad work on NA,how its posible to fix some area and other keep?we play on privat server?
  4. Juji you want your own custom server or what? Did you play classic and understand what you doing? Probably no, we going same wave again, all playing mage, melee class and fighter wil be usless again, i see here many ppls who say tnx, but soon when they understand what its mean for fighters ,they quit, on classic stats not working and what you offer to ppl who play fighters? Or its your plan how to improve l2shop? Soon items with stats? Dunno Juji but seems like your team was not rdy to start classic server, this build sux and your wave also wrong...
  5. mb just fishing from 40? for what we need more servers, in 1 month every servers will be easy, max medium
  6. cool story, 110ppl its like 10-20 min
  7. 2 weeks was for login and activate vip :))
  8. mb from scool? coz ppl who have work can easy bring 5 usd and play with vip and log fast
  9. ban who w/o vip and kick they on privat server > problem solved (more fun also)
  10. and what changes w/o restart? just make 6500 limit like it was when Naia started and make Fishing from 40 lvl? and belive me no more queue, no need to kick for afk or VIP 5, in few weeks online will be low, atm ppls take vocation for start server, soon even in prime time server will be not full
  11. did you use any free VPN or popular VPN, mb VPNgames? or mb you from blocked country?
  12. no1 say remove fishing, just make it from 40 lvl, from 20 lvl its easy fish,easy money, easy exp, just log and put char, nothing need to do kata already here, manor its interesting part of l2, but i know many ppl, even clan leaders owners of castle, who play many years and dont know how its work and how its set up, too hard :D, so half of ppl who play now even not remember what is it
  13. man its not privat server, i played on NA 10 years already, ingame shop its part of this game, its classic mechanic, about this part ppl forget when GOD come, and this part comeback with classic, when classic start Koreans ask about acution and ppl say no need, we want old classic ingame shop, coz its nostalgia about old times, so if we play classic ingame shop its main mechanic
  14. lol? in few weeks every 1 will be 40+ and to up 40 lvl will be need 3 days, on f2p server fishing from 20 lvl its crazy, about what they think, when emplement in build this settings, even on p2p when problem with server limit, fishing from 40, Fishing its not main mechanic of this game its just bonus, atm its problem for server and we can see NCwest have not experiance with opening classic server
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