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  1. Wait, where did my Transformation skill go?
  2. P2W . It seems like the current NCSoft policy is: "Pay us more money if you want to play the game without grinding your butts of. Or buy a bot. It's not like we do anything about the bots." While I do enjoy grinding in a way [ Ah, the sweet memories of trying to hunt down Saber Tooth transformation book just because it looked cool... 2 weeks of not getting it. Disappointing, but it was kinda fun ], this is getting ridiculous. It used to make sense - you wanted an unique item or something special, you had to work for it. Nowadays? You grind your ass fat, pay real money and end up getting a
  3. Considering how it works now, hard to say. Old school choices were these: Cardinal - Guild wars + raids + emergency mana recharge Elven Elder - Good as 2nd Healer for raids + OK resurrection + decent mana recharge Shillen Elder - M. atk bonus + great mana recharge + decent heal + emergency resurrection. PvE wise they are all equally screwed, since there are few undead dungeons with decent XP/SP and even fewer good quests. But the best choice for PvE is usually a Shillen Saint + enchanted dual swords in the long run because of Vampiric Rage. 2nd best would b
  4. I think you really should take another look at your calendar and check the date. That's not how things are done anymore >.>
  5. Hmm... considering what happened to healers/bufffers after the last update I think you can safely drop them. All the skills you learned how to use? Gone. All the strategies you might have worked on to use for various scenarios? Useless now. Have your 5 and a half skills, push UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A and B and play this Gameboy version of once good game.
  6. I logged in to play with my elven buffer after a few weeks... Where are all my skills? Where is the resurrection skill that recovers 60+ % of lost EXP? Where is Eva's serenade? Where is my Recall and Party Recall which I use to run away from a bunch of mobs that gang up on me... ? What the hell did you do to my character? I know it's tedious and annoying to lvl up a buffer/healer but I enjoy playing those classes. No, I don't actually take part in the Olympiad, I simply enjoyed playing the game. You know, meeting people, partying up occasionally, chatting, having fun... Th
  7. Not yet... I ended up held up by real world problems... I'll have to put some time aside to test it out.
  8. On one hand: "I hope not." On the other: "Lemme make a dwarf real quick."
  9. Until yesterday I was severely against botting... but then I realized that there is no possibility to explain to people that if you have a "Hunt 300 mobs quest" done by 8 people in the same party you'll do the quest in 20-40 minutes tops and you can actually enjoy the game the way it was originally intended. And since I want to have 3-4 characters to play with [ nuker, elven oracle, prophet, I didn't decide on the last one yet ] I will have to do the boring escalator quests fighting for mobs with a bunch of bots because all the interesting quests are gone, all the old fun dungeons are gone. Se
  10. I used to enjoy play L2 as a mage. Either a nuker or a buffer/healer. I enjoyed those tedious long-winded quests. And it was fun to go and do a raid every once in a while when I found a party of people who actually enjoy playing this game in a party... With the current state, I don't see the use of things like "Scroll of Escape" or skills like "Recall" or "Party recall". Can anyone somehow tell me how the current L2 is better than any old semi-functional fun-server? Because I don't see it.
  11. That's precisely what you get when you switch from pay for membership to pay to win. It earns the company a lot more money and it also kills a good game.
  12. PK is part of the game. If you don't like PK, disable it permanently. Seriously, all this "tweaking" with a game that used to be good is just making a mess. I'm trying to play this game after about 10 years and it's gone horribly wrong.
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