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  1. I have the perfect solution for you, go and play L2 Game of thrones. it starts up on 1/1/19 well it got me looking at it, im going to try it ;-)
  2. Inquiring about the WC VR the same as SE VR? 80% HP Returns ?
  3. How dare you be rude to my very good friend who is leaving is gear to me me me.
  4. Personally saying! you need 2 account and solo play so all loot is your own or at least up tov40 that is mainly true.
  5. If you had 2 accounts the buffs would be free.
  6. Come what may about your thoughts and concerns but multi boxing is here to stay.
  7. It is a great idea to open new Euro time zone server. But what about free character transfer! peeps have already invested rl cash on their toons.
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