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  1. tnx man ... didnt know alot of things CHEERS !
  2. tnx very much sir ... that clarifies alot for me with xp in general... ps: i wanted to reffer at destroyer>>> titan (not overlord my bad) ... anyway but the final question is .... since xp ing is done with pp/se/bd and stuff ..... WHAT ABOUT GEARING .... i mean should i box also a spoiler or artisan or both ? or u can make money more easy ? at raids / solo grinding ?
  3. Ok guys so my main character is a destroyer planning for a warlord ... The big question is ? what boxes i need in order to dont get stuck in any point of game later on ... i mean : should i get a pp/se with a bd/sw ? for exp ? or should i get pp/ee with a dwarf spoiler/artisan ? for gearing ? pls help i heard in the past many ppl saying that after pp/se as a buffer u also need a dwarf so u can GEAR youreself up ... if this is true ... for me its kinda tiring to lvl up all those chars but it is not true than what are the best ways to make
  4. i will do warlord + SE also ... the question is besides those 2 chars should i create another dwarf box for gearing ? or WL + SE is enough in the future for gearing my main WL
  5. in other words say .... with my main character can i get my items (armor weapons bla bla ) only by hunting mobs, do RB's or completing quests (like sweet venom ?)? or it is mandatory to have a dwarf so that i can create my own gear ?
  6. yup it is true what u say ... but my real question is : should i really take dwarf in consideration to LVL up with since i already have a boxed buffer when it comes to money ? cause i already say that a orc destroyes + SE buffer box is preety overwhelming ... but if raising a dwarf is mandatory than i will start creating a dwarf to i hope i was clear enough
  7. Greetings all guys ... im kind of new to classic L2 .... and my question is ... As far as i saw everybody make box behind his main character for example atm i made a destroyer with a dark elf buffer ... when making quests and stuff its all good .... but when it comes to equip some gear its hard everything is expensive .... SO what u guys say ? should i create a dwarf (spoiler or artisan ?) so that i make money ? i mean it seems preety overwhelming for me ... growing 1 MAIN CHAR + 2 boxes (1 buffer and 1 dwarf ) TNX in advance for advices guys
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