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  1. I have played 2 weeks in a clan with a guy who is now destroyer 52+ and he admitted himself many times that he is using a bot and destroyed our clan farm with a bot not once and i have reported him twice with creating a ticket and guess what?? HE IS STILL PLAYING
  2. Well how many times i encounter when mobs keep firing missiles through any obstacles on their way and how many times it result into death and -4% for me... Right now im farming cruma 2nd and until i reach the spot i will receive hundred thousand missiles from dicors and of course sometimes i die because of it... Guys are you really NC Soft ?! I will upload a video later and also when you try to cancel the target with pressing escape guess what? Correct the target will just remain until you manually cancel it...
  3. LF Glaive Edge send me mail offers to "Gera or pm here. Thx.
  4. Sorry made this one by mistake
  5. Went exping in Forgotten Temple and came across some terrible things. When i was standing on the bridge one of the Undine kept firing missiles into me through the bridge until i killed it again through the bridge being on a very big distance away from it... When i fell down into the water and started clicking at the top of water surface (because movement in the water is different than on land) trying to get out the character was rather swimming deeper down into the water in complete opposite direction... WIth all that i am farming aoe trains and i constantly press double mouse buttons to move
  6. What is the best way to report an adena seller with screenshots of the deals etc ?
  7. Could some one with knowledge tell me what is the best option to use for a latency reduce rate ?
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