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  1. Macros

    It would be helpful if we could reorder / move macros around in the macro window as well as rename them. A "save-as" or "copy/paste" option would be helpful as well.
  2. Server went down an hour early?
  3. Iss ++ dances

    ISS keep the +10 on sonatas (even after they were changed with the update). So that was good. With the last update, a +20 skill was deleted and replaced. No compensation. The patch notes indicated that there would be no compensation for any +++ tank skills that were deleted. So that was consistent with what was done last time.
  4. Clan Rewards

    Salvation gave clan rewards for prior achievement (e.g. obtaining dual class level 99, 100, etc.) If you don't take the reward, drop clan and join a new clan, will those rewards still be available to cash in for the benefit of the new clan or will only future achievements provide a reward?