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  1. If they can really fix the forced pk issue then there is no reason to have a clan member limit on declaring wars. Issue for me was having a newbie alt clan with low toons that were forced into a war by people exploiting macro use.
  2. When the new skills that require advanced rune stones were added (e.g. archangel of death for daggers), it was not communicated that the new skill, if effect, replaced an existing skill (angle of death) since the cooldown on both skills are triggered when either is used. When the change was announced, it appeared that this was a new skill so people obtained advanced rune stones at great expense to learn the new skill only to make the old skill obsolete. I had +20 time on angle of death and would not have learned archangel of death had I known they both could not be used. If a new skill is a
  3. Last update added Archangel of Death as a new skill for Othell Ghost Hunters. (Cost to learn included the new Greater Rune Stones). When one uses the this skill, skill cooldown starts on both this skill and the Angel of Death skill. These are difference skills and should have unique cooldowns. I've also tested Angel of Death and using that skill also triggers the cooldown on Archangel of Death skill.
  4. thanks for the update. BTW it clearly states when you login that the Big Vitality packs would be removed last night. So date was provided.
  5. zethera


    It would be helpful if we could reorder / move macros around in the macro window as well as rename them. A "save-as" or "copy/paste" option would be helpful as well.
  6. ISS keep the +10 on sonatas (even after they were changed with the update). So that was good. With the last update, a +20 skill was deleted and replaced. No compensation. The patch notes indicated that there would be no compensation for any +++ tank skills that were deleted. So that was consistent with what was done last time.
  7. Salvation gave clan rewards for prior achievement (e.g. obtaining dual class level 99, 100, etc.) If you don't take the reward, drop clan and join a new clan, will those rewards still be available to cash in for the benefit of the new clan or will only future achievements provide a reward?
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