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  1. Hi im only say you ban me friend for nothing k0cia in giran He rly dont botting nothing program nothing wrong 40lvl d grade wepons is rly botting????? Im xSoldier in giran server you can BAN ME TOO!! IM HEVE C GRADE WHEN YOU GIVE BAN FOR NOTHING IM ONLY WASTE TIME HERE!!!! 6 YEAR AND IM MUST LEAVER THIS NCSOFT!! Why because im see in forum you ban normal player when bot/adena sealer can evrything. TY for plaing together .
  2. GM rly must doing something witch this .... people leave server because this "ban" for normal player is rly dont normal . You play normal no using bot and BAN!!!! this is only waste time .... bot play and why dont ban ? ...... Me friend 40 lvl only d grade wepons for 1.5kk .... and were he heve this item for botting? 1.5kk is alot in 40 lvl ? He doing quest to profesion and in town BUUMMMM BANNN
  3. I dont know one why ban automatic rly normal player who dont boting etc... and in this time when normal player heve ban and waiting 1 week or more alot of bots farm and dont doing witch this nothing . in this time in giran server 100 bots+ and why dont ban ? Suspension activity ban automatic is ........ When you dont repair this alot of player leave.
  4. Hello you are here? we send mail and nothing...... you ban normal player and bots can farm? YOUR automatic bots programs is rly dont good. Nick K0cia server Giran mail you heve in this "appeal@ncsoft.com" . Why normal player must wait when ALOT OF BOTS FARM!!!
  5. Ok im dont good witch this dont good english and im dont know good were im must search help . Ty for help
  6. Hello ban activity . Nick K0cia server " Giran " classic . 0 bot, 0 illegal actions. PLZ HELP
  7. 100x bots in execution grund near evil spirit boss.... giran server .... plz ban all
  8. ONLY FOR DOTER$$$$ . NO heve good idea for normal server for normal player? only more more more money?. 15h waiting for play? and 1 discconect...... WTF?
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