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  1. Hello Even if Priests Raids level up from 80 to 85 still drops are S crafting packs and now it is easier to make S from random crafting also consider that drops from epics have really low chance to get. About Skill changes <<Cancel>> work/lands but Dev team must fix debuffs maybe to rebalance As far as the new hunting system if possible dev team should create a function button to assist party leader so multiple players to find a way to farm together into difficult zones because still into hard core zones like Lair and Dragon Valley 80% of server can’t farm there. Also there are areas that mobs still stuck up on rocks or walls. New augment system is really better than old.
  2. Epic Raids bosses are even harder now after the update but rewards doesn’t meet the challenge, 2 days now after killing epic raids drops are unbelievable very low (no epic jewels / no rare books after many tries ) Getting only D/C varnish on such a high difficulty raids bosses doesn’t worth. Everyone can understand why people will not get EXP on 85 level Epic raids but drops should be equal with the difficulty. Even if the drops are those that already GM team announce you should increase chance otherwise it is pointless and very unhealthy for the server because there will be no chance to get epics into game by raids but only from NCsoft events.
  3. Hello In regard to raid boss difficulty and increasing adena drop and the item drop/spoils rate the special event that was running for two weeks it solve many economic issues that we have lately on the server. XP should be increased and stay permanently (50%) Since players can make/earn adena easier because server luck of adena drop rate at this moment Development team should change system and keep adena drop rate at least between 70-100 % (150 too much) PVE hunting zone gave as the opportunity to hunt on these areas but, if you check places are still empty, in my opinion you have to consider not only to reduce Physical/Magical damage that monster receive but also to reduce Physical/Magical damage that players receive from monster because damage from monster is still very high · Giant's Cave (Lv. 76 ~ Lv. 80) · Forgotten Island (Lv. 79 ~ Lv. 82) · Imperial Tomb (Lv. 78 ~ Lv. 82) Varka/Ketra still empty because rewards/XP is not the best. Dev team also must consider to change places like Varka/Ketra/Forgotten Island because the distance between the monsters is very long. Monsters should spawn in groups with the desired range. · Long dinstance between monsters exists also on Wind Plateau and Wall of Argos · There are many spots at hunting zone like “Forge of the gods & Wall of argos” that many mobs stuck on rocks and auto hunting system is impossible to target/kill. Raid bosses accessory boxes have increased the competition between players but Epic bosses should change to 80 level Max capacity 9 windows. I am not going to mention nothing about anniversary event since everyone is pleased. Take a look on everyone’s post inside here because most of them have point and is from people who care about server.
  4. Server Fix !

    Greetings I would like also to express my thoughts and my feelings about server and if we need all these changes. We don’t need only one change we need a lot of changes in this server and we are posting all these because we care and we still want to play here. Server Economy The server economy is in a totally collapse right now we need that changes, we cannot sell anything because there are not adena on the server, we need a good improvement in adena item drop and Spoil rates. Spoil rates are very low and we would like NCSOFT to fix them. Chaotic Characters (PK Characters) What the purpose of pking system. There is a chaos everywhere like the most of the people said inside forum not only now but many many times. People pking each other not only for a farming spot people pk each other for revenge and fun, something that it is not fun. Plenty of people quit-leave from the server because of pkers. You have to rework the PK system. Pkers shouldn’t be able to teleport and all summoners or characters with pets shouldn’t be able to use pet from mount. Maybe you can add limit on pks, people with more than 10 pks will not able to use teleport or other stuff into game not even npc for example. Epic Bosses Fix epic bosses Baium / Frintezza / Antharas On Baium we can’t even land debuffs (debuffs works only on instance) Also Fix high level places like Ketra , Varka , Imperial Tomb , Antharas Lair , Dragon Valley We can’t farm on those places and Increase XP/Adena I hope that you will all the above into consideration. Yours sincerely Zazu