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  1. I had a toon on Live servers over a 14 year span. Jumped onto classic to check it out and it has been enjoyable up to now. I see a few major issues here. That look like they might contribute to the shrinking over servers (might be a good thing). ADENA The balance of adena drops compared to level and daily consumables (shots, pots) is low. You barely get a chance to replenish before it completely wipes you out. You are left to rely on drops to boost your adena significantly and those are few and far between. I assume this is in effort to thwart the adena sellers in game and keep the
  2. NCSOFT Benefit from there being a Queue. It forces people who want to play to upgrade to VIP. Thats how they make their money. And I am fine with that Just no Queue for VIP 4. Otherwise its a pointless system.
  3. I just have a good job a lot of disposable income, I don't drink or do drugs and this is my hobby.
  4. Im ready to mingle just need to get through this Queue...
  5. The only pointless message is how you played Hindemith for maybe 6 months and think your old school. Some of us been here since the beginning and are still kicking in on live up until classic was released. I want a little service for my loyalty.... OH AND MY MONEY!!!
  6. New Car, New engine. Put my $400 towards it thanks.
  7. Guys, Take the love talk into a private message please trying to get some answers on the VIP status. Thanks
  8. I get we have a queue for the VIP players. I am more bothered at the fact that the game incentive's are 24 hr fishing meaning noone ever free's up the slots. I actually think people would have made more 0 VIP toons to fish due to the fact that it can be monetized in game. Rules need to be made supporting their paying clients vs the FTP. Ideas such as: 0 VIP characters will be disconnected after 2 hrs fishing. 0 VIP Characters will be disconnected as VIP's are logging in, in order of oldest logged first. OFFLINE FISHING (they are just required to buy the bait. The status quo make
  9. That would require character builds out of game. So you can apply your pack to the character (it is not applied to the account.) Why was my post condensed into this one??? You guys have to treat VIP better lol
  10. I know the queue for none VIP is more like 2000 but I joined queue at 450 - 500 ish. The term VIP means Very Important Person. You never keep VIP's waiting. That's where you make your bread and butter. Not the 1000 toon's logged in to do nothing but fish for the next year. Answers on a postcard.
  11. I find it hard to believe NCSOFT cannot increase the number of clients (or spend what is required) that connect to the server. It feel like a rouse to push people into VIP lvl 4 which directly impacts NCSOFT's Income. I do believe nothing is free in life and I don't mind paying the VIP lvl 4. I feel if I do however pay the requirement there should be no queue. If people choose not to VIP then a queue system is understandable. The game is still free they just need to wait to enter OR pay for the right to expedite. NCSOFT promote people to stay logged in by having EXP and VALUE added act
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