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  1. bleep it, there was still hope to be a more effective action against the Adena salesmen who are destroying the servers. @Juji 8 horas de buff please.
  2. I disagree with you my friend, there is a big difference between the players and the BOTS, drive, target I do not know what your server is, but in GIRAN it is highly perceptible. I repeat my request, please NCSoFT take action is annoying to play.
  3. Hello to all of NCSOFT, The gameplay is not possible due to the huge number of Bots in the game, in the GIRAN server of level 1 - 40, it is practically impossible to play without having 15 bots next to your character, the population becomes HEAVY (for Login) of so many Bots and now approaching 40 to try to make the books profession I am cornered by the bots that do not allow me to play, is unbearable, I will be forced to stop playing again, as you want someone to be VIP in the serever if you can not play, it is Impossible to have fun in the game just get annoyed, the damn bot got the speelbo
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