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  1. @Cyan In my opinion you (the royal you, as a company) are running into marketing issues, with a result of destroying the game more and more. Of course not everyone can be a big spender. All the companies have their big spenders and their normal customers. If you choose to dumps the rest and focus on the big spenders you are lost. The special offers are the ones who will attract the rest.... Big spenders will buy the packs anyway, those are the ones who buy the big bunddles but they are not necessarily the most profitable. In marketing the best approach is to attr
  2. When it starts? is it gone? its 27 already. 300 per server thats bullcrap... i think for a day to keep it wont be that costly to you. just make 1 per account only for a day available....
  3. I've seen a post by the GMs a while ago saying that people will exploit the game if that would happen. Due to being able to use the stronger class with stronger race. In my opininion the best thing to do to avoid that and still please your crowd is to let us change the main only to the classes of our race. Exp.D.Elf from iss to dagger -> change to avail delf dagger cannot be dwarf dagger or elf dagger or human dagger, just race dagger etc
  4. As i replied to the topic of Maintainance, Create 3 new servers and add the transfer to those servers for free. Add the Clan trasfer for free also if needed. Many people will migrate to the new servers so no more latency, more fun for us without LordDragons and Andouiles and Molensas and MS and Nova and DRAMA in general.... Servers will have normal amount of players and everyone will be happy... You wont loose revenue we wont loose time waiting... I think is better idea than loosing active players/customers.... PS Bring Bartz back
  5. So now we have to wait in line to play your game.... i've been waiting for around 30 minutes now.... it feels like i am waiting in the line to see the dentist.... Why dont you create two-three new servers make transfers for those new servers free make clan transfers free as well and let us play.... Anyway most of us who hate MS or MAx or Nova or anyone with their drama will move instantly.... Boom problem fixed and you have a proper game again. You have better dimensional sieges and raids and finally you have servers to merge in the future... Anyone who agrees with me lets make
  6. I would say why don’t they make it first mob to kill you go straight to 110lvl and drop r110 bloody and dark +20 weapons and armor.... isnt it rediculous as it is already the game?? You understand that there are people who play this game from ages where to get to 80lvl you needed years and now you can get to 101 in 1week in both main and dual. it even took me months to get my 2 subclasses that were deleted to 80. So stop your crying you cry babies and let at least some enjoyment at this game exist if it would every be some anymore! All are made easy for lazy people.
  7. @Conguero Why dont you give the name of the winner in game? Because im not buying that there is a winner at all... Im pretty sure if there was a winner for a scroll of blessing or a kelbim or tauti weapon would link it straight after they got it, however so far not even one person ever said "hey i won it". show us some proof that there is actually some chance of winning for real...
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