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  1. I know, but with these guys, you may never know they could add Fafurion by mistake even
  2. How do we obtain Fighting Spirit/Protection/Support Artifacts? or only the non-upgradable Balance Artifacts are available currently?
  3. Munch


    You can make all 3 subclasses Lv80 and after that decide which one you would like to awaken, but make sure you're on the correct subclass. You're not bound to awaken the very first subclass, that you make on your character.
  4. @Pleistoros I'm well aware of the reset part and that is not what I'm talking about at all. What I meant is, will try to give a better example; you log on Day 1, stay logged for 30 minutes, yet do not want to claim the reward but rather leave it for some other day, due to whatever the reason might be for not being able to utilize the rune, since it's timer starts ticking right when you claim it. Thereafter you log on Day 2, stay logged again for 30 minutes, but you can't take the reward from Day 2, be cause you didn't claim the reward from Day 1, meaning you HAVE to take the rewards every day,
  5. I would just like to point out, that there might be some misinformation given on the site, about the attendance rewards. You HAVE to claim the rewards each day, you cannot leave a reward, lets say from Day 1, claim it on Day 2 and take the Day 2 reward after 30 minutes pass. "If you miss one login day out of 28, you'll be able to claim up to the 27th day for attendance rewards." This can also be interpreted as being able to claim all the rewards up to the 27th day at the same time, if you were to miss out on claiming a reward on one of the days. Call me dumb, but that's one of the wa
  6. But dUdot! He hasn't been in MAX for 2 weeks yet, so he doesn't care about a thing, that they were doing! Logical thinking man, logical!
  7. http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/구원의+장+Final%3A+에티나의+최후+시스템 If you scroll down till the bottom, you'll see the Fishing System changes. Took only a few clicks.
  8. Yes, all those items will be removed.
  9. Don't switch the chat tabs with your Right Mouse Button, if you're switching them with it, it doesn't matter if you put in a chat command "!, @, $, & etc.", it will go directly into the white chat itself.
  10. If you're implying, that only people from the US etc. were eligible to participate in the Media Contest, then your clannies, that are trying to get rid of all the saltiness wouldn't be eligible as well, therefore, what's the point of this thread again? p.s. The video is really good, but the winners/runner ups were chosen, so suck it up and move on.
  11. I'm aware, that obsession can be a hard thing to overcome, but what you guys are doing, is becoming beyond ridiculous. If you want Nova to man up, Be A MAN and stop buying accounts
  12. Munch

    Roadmap 2018

    WTB Lessons about seasons + time + dates "OmenOfSteel @Naia trolololo
  13. We're randoms to you, as you are/were a random to us. Keep the floodgates at a balanced open-closed ratio on Chronos, the constant floods on Naia were becoming pretty pitiful.
  14. It's not only about impersonating someone from the game, these are even worse. They dig up personal information so the naive ones get easily cought, it's identity theft. Many reports were made already, as well with included screenshots with the chats between individuals and the scammer. If this is not eligible for an IP block, then I don't know what is anymore.
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