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  1. thanks for ur advice, for you the best tank its the dark avenger? and if it why? what make the shillien knight to go behind dark avenger? thanks
  2. Hello guys, im wondering if shillen knight worth playing on this classic version of L2, i know i will have aparently a good set of skills, the cubics and strongs debuff, but im concern about the lack of CON. i mean im a tank but with low hp. thats really a problem in the furure for level 55+? its really viable to play with this tank? or better to start another tank? thanks for ur feedbacks.
  3. Hello guys, i just wanted to know your opinions about how dark avenger works on mass pvp. its he good or bad? pros and cons? thank you, all of your answer are really appreciate
  4. No bro, i have to sell my current bow to buy it xD!
  5. Hey guys i have a doubt, im level 30 with my phantom ranger currently using the dark elven bow, i want to upgrade to reinforce long bow but thw attack speed its very slow and considering im the slowest ranger i dont know if is a good choice? I would like to hear your opinions to make my decission thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you guys for your quick response, good to know i made a great choice choosing the PR. really Appreciate your feedback guys
  7. hello guys, i'm wondering if it really worth level up a phantom ranger. im level 28 right now but im thinking on rerolling to HE or SR. but i need to ask first! so what are your opinions guys?
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