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  1. By "hyperinflation", do you mean the price fixing by the wealthy and the lemmings who follow them? I mean that's the only real reason why prices are what they are on the servers. L2 isn't a normal economy, unless you consider cartels, monopolies, price gouging and other activities that would be criminal and punishable by law in the real world "normal."  😆

  2. They don't care. Support may not need those greater gem boxes, but missing out on the opportunity to increase your wealth by winning one is what really hurts. Some players will get 4-5 of those boxes and earn a zillion bucks from selling them, but not support classes, who also need money, too. Ridiculous.

  3. 3 hours ago, Dariush1 said:

    ...ppl cant exp or take advantage of the compensation...

    This is the biggest problem with the long queue and DC. The XP event was extended for only one week. Most people are not going to be able to recover the lost time from the earlier server problem in a week when it takes them an hour to log in.

    I also found a peculiar decision to give 5-hour XP Rune III 30% as part of the L2 Store free Compensation package. A better choice would have been to make it an XP Rune I or II, since those runes stack with XP Rune III. 

  4. On 4/22/2021 at 12:51 PM, SammlerMull said:

    When they finally give-up trying to get Server Transfers working... maybe we will get Dimensional Marketplace! Cross-Server shopping location with Auction House.

    We asked the devs for a cross server auction house-type function several years ago. They ignored us on that, probably because it made RMT easier and also ran the risk of ruining markets on all servers. But despite those drawbacks I still think it's a good idea...if properly designed with safeguards.

  5. Strictly as a social experiment, I think this game just proves that if you put a shiny thing in front of people, most  will engineer methods to not only increase the likelihood of getting it, but at the cost of others, even if it means breaking the very system designed to award said object. Fair play, gray area, outside of the rules -- whatever it takes. Technology evolves and advances. Mankind does not.

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  6. On 12/10/2020 at 3:27 PM, SweetSacrifice said:

    So i have been looking all over the forum for the buffs given today (10/12/2020) at around 10:30 pm gmt+0.

    I saw 0 posts from @Hime or @Juji announcing about that buffs.

    Why do we keep having random time GM buffs without any kind of announcement??? For me this is pure garbage professional work from @Juji.

    You guys know that people work and have their lifes right?

    When is this going to stop? Or is GM friendly to only some people ingame?

    There was a time when i saw @Juji banning all the cheaters ingame and i was really in favour of him but, this last years i smell something fishy going in here.


    Juji is buffing on Chronos now.

  7. Why do these posts keep happening? It's clear, if you buy an OE item from anyone, automatically assume it was previously restored. No ifs ands or buts. Then before you go to exploit the system yourself, first check with the GMs to see if it is eligible for restoration. It's really that simple.

  8. On 11/29/2020 at 3:06 AM, mixa said:

    Money spent is irrelevant at this stage. If they have spent, they will have to do it again and again or quit.

    And yet I've spent less money on this game over the past 18 months than I've spent back when we had to pay a monthly fee. Far, far less. Not every shiny object that NCSoft throws our way is a must purchase.  Not every event worth it. And for damn sure buying XP boosts in L2store for only a .00000000000000000000000000000000000002 more increase in XP isn't worthy it. Talk about throwing good money after bad. 

  9. 12 hours ago, LordofChaos said:



    2nd WEEK in A ROW no character on my 3 accounts has had their VITALITY regenerated.

    If you are going to bleep us over in the PAY to WIN category atleast give me my DAMN Vitality.

    Were you logged in and hunting all night  during the daily soft reset (not the weekly downtime)? I logged into the game early before the weekly downtime, but after the soft reset. My Vitality was there full bar, but I went hunting and it evaporated like usual in under 10 minutes.

    They really should have sold 30 day Vitality suspension cheaply and in bulk until everyone on the server is at least 115.

  10. 3 hours ago, Lunastariel said:

    Like I said in a post I made earlier about the 100 limits of the discounted destiny pack, not that I cannot afford it but when they do this kind of stupid thing. It's like throwing a piece of rotten fish at the players and laughing like a joke.

    This only make players lose their faith and respect for whoever decides it, if they even have any left after so much pounding from the community. Nothing was fixed, game economy is overpriced like crazy! Example, converting Adena prices to real money value, one Level 5 Ruby cost about U$500!! One piece of +10 artifact cost about U$250!! ONE PIECE!!! And none of the items or materials can be gained from monster or boss drops! Adena drop is nerfed, item drop is nerfed, xp gained is nerfed, now even damage is nerfed. What else is going to be taken away again?

    Although they did listened and put one FREE event with one SALES event, BUT with the rates worst than any casino in the whole wide world, it's like throwing another rotten fish at the players and laughing like a big fat joke. Is it so hard to give good stuffs to the players? Will you lose an arm if you give a top reward to increase a player's character in a GAME OF PIXELS? Afraid they sell it for RMT? Put it untradeable then! Stop giving half rotten fishes. I see friends buying thousands of dollars of ncoins for these events, end up they don't even get a decent reward, even if they did get lucky with a dragon stage 2 weapon, it's a RANDOM weapon box for goodness sake!

    So many players love this game because of the fantasy setting and I believed with a Remastered graphics version, this game will be one of the best popular game BUT WITHOUT ALL THESE BAD DECISIONS & EVENTS. This December could be the last straw for many players. There's so many other game developers and companies treating their games and community with respect so much better. Good luck!

    Well said.

    Whoever thinks up this stuff at NCSoft must like walking around with a stick of dynamite glued to his gonads. This is far beyond merely shooting himself in the foot.  It's proven time and again, people spend more when prices are low and/or when the chance of winning something, or getting a good return on investment is high. Much, much more. 

  11. 11 minutes ago, Derpomatic said:

    You just sound like a miserable loathe. Sounds like you got your pack? Sorry you feel that way towards others, may you get a life.

    I have a life. You clearly don't if you feel in anyway disappointed about anyone missing out on a pack that isn't very good to begin with. A shinier lump of crap that they're paying less for is still crap that their paying for.

  12. I always found it funny that a digital item is limited the same way an actual physical product is limited at a sales doorbuster at a store. It's hilarious to see people complain, when Santa NCSoft has always been the pre-reform Grinch and it's never going to change. "You missed out? Too bad, so sad. My heart weeps for your dead hopes. You'll keep playing anyway? Ok, great, nice talk, GF. Sucker." No point in complaining to your abuser. You allow it. You enable your own misery. 😄

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  13. Anyone know the probability rates for the Shiny Gem Energy when combining a Stage 5 jewel?

    We keep asking for those figures on various games of chance, but for some reason they keep ignoring us. It would be nice if this information was displayed in the enchant/combine box window -- more or less exact % numbers, not ambiguous terms like "low, medium, high."

  14. Why not have these coins drop from normal mobs, instead of asking people to only get them by whipping out their credit cards and swiping? At least give us options. Maybe sell bulk in L2Store for players who don't have time or patience to hunt, but allow everyone else to hunt for the coins as a normal item drop.  Please consider it the next time you host this promotion/event.  

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  15. 2 hours ago, Tuky said:

    And main reason why high tier archers say nothing is that they dont need skill crit dmg to kill mobs because power is enough to kill. 



    High tier archers have at least 30% p.skill crit rate/ p. skill crit damage from DW not counting any Dragon augment, plus they change their +20 AOE enchant skill path from Break or Power to Focus, which gives them 20% more crit rate on those nerfed skills. They probably also have high enchanted artifacts, agathions, jewels, +20 cloaks, and on and on that make a nerf like this barely noticeable. 

  16. On 11/14/2020 at 11:40 AM, Ocrats said:

    Well, I already spent few hundreds $$$. I'm gonna keep playing till I am not be able to lvl up. I'll finish exalted quest, and reach 107. I am not spending a penny. I can invest thousands of dollars, but seems like the server is dying. very few serious players left right now. the rest are bots till they reach 105 or 107, afterwards they are gonna end up leaving the server. NC is going to merge Naia and Chronos soon (for sure), then they are gonna shut down the merged server (NaChronos). I do hope, they are going to bring us better Lineage 2 (remastered). few years left. 

    It's normal for server population to die down. It's part of the cycle. Lots of people play or come back to play at the beginning of every new update. It stays heavy during good "events" and XP boosted server settings. But after that things get quiet. In some ways it's the best time to play, because you don't have lots of people to contend with to find a hunting spot, just bots. The market also slows and prices for everything usually goes down, giving people who have adena a chance to buy equipment for lower prices. Last but not least, you also find out who the real diehard players are, if you're looking for a clan or just people to form regular parties with you. 

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  17. 7 hours ago, LordDragnil said:

    Kill that class then. Let nobody plays as archer. There are many games around. cya at the event time

    I don't think they're trying to kill the class, just bring it into balance. But they have to be careful not to start a domino effect. If they nerf too much, then another class like Feohs will then dominate and the Flavor of the Month carousel will start up again. Everyone who plays an archer will just wait until Red Libra or next year's anniversary and Stone of Destiny to change to Feoh. Or whatever class happens to be the "OMG-leet" class. It will be like going back to the early Chronicles all over again.  

    Personally, I'd love it if they made Sigels much more dominant than they are. Give them raid boss level p.def, resistances and HP. Make Heavy armor mean something. They should be able to laugh off arrows and nukes; a 1M crit damage to others should tickle a tank. Do that using only self-buffs, skill enchants and passives. No need to spend bazillions like archers do for equipment. But that's only a dream.

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