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  1. Lineage 2 whales think they warp reality and the size of the ocean depends on them, not the other way around.
  2. Depends. In some places where I hunt I don't use Multiple Arrow often. Terrain makes it pointless. I do use Heavy Arrow Rain, but it doesn't have as nearly fast a reuse time as my other single shot skills, so MOST of the time I'm killing with everything but Multiple Arrow and Heavy Arrow Rain. Probably same for most archers who aren't in one of the Instances.
  3. What level enchant is your multiple arrow and do you have it enchanted for Break or Focus? Are you also using Aries agathion and artifacts that boost skill crit damage? Do you have any Skill Power enhancements? God, Dragon or Angel jewels? Level 4 - 5 or Greater Red Cat? Only asking because I'm always curious to know other's archer setup. Going to guess that even if you crit less often on Multiple Arrow and Rain, you still are really dangerous.
  4. Not a bug, works as intended. That's why Yul have other AOE that don't shoot straight line like multiple arrow does.
  5. When I log back in can I have a complimentary Dragon or Cursed Bow? Stage 2 would be great. Thanks.
  6. Roll back server boost to XP event rate, please.
  7. Better chance getting a stage 2, but only if someone decides to quit the game and is looking to cash out. For Stage 3, you might fly out, but they're going to want your plane, so you better get a bus or train ticket, too, to get back home.
  8. We did this exercise back in college in statistical methodology class. Yes, state lotteries all post odds going into it. But the outcomes? They never match. But no need to believe me, just watch the lottery results. It's not a coincidence that you almost always get multiple winners when the jackpot is large, and it's not because the number of tickets sold increases exponentially more relative to the stated odds. Their thumb is on the scale, albeit affecting the outcome in a good way.
  9. Yes, there are a couple of superior gems on the server. Don't remember if it's Tevas or one of the others that made it.
  10. Change "rig" to "weighted" or "dynamically adjusted" and it's not illegal. If that was the case, no state lottery in the country would be permitted to exist. There's always something in the system to legally modify outcomes, even if you go into it with favorable chances on paper. I don't care about what my chances are going into the coin toss. Anything short of 100% means fail is possible. With L2 it means very likely. But if you tell me the outcome is always going to be 50/50 no matter what, even if the system has to be "dynamically adjusted" to ensure that all of its results are 50/50,
  11. A subscription fee doesn't change anything. It will reduce server population, but it won't stop NCSoft from rolling out paid event after paid event. Whales will still take an active role in impacting the game, because $15 - $20 per month is pennies to them. The only people that it hurts are average to low income players. Now instead of using what little discretionary funds you have purely for events, or prestige packs, you'll have to pay a fee to play the game and then decide which events you want to participate in and which ones you can't. Bottom line, there's only one way to win here a
  12. 50/50 chance doesn't necessarily mean 50/50 outcome. In that gray area you can mathematically rig the game so that the house never really loses.
  13. Doesn't look like we're getting any significant server boost tomorrow, although I guess Lara gives 30% xp buff or something like that for 2 hours. Not really much you can do but go AFK and hope no one kills you before you get your .000000000000002% every 24 hours.
  14. Lara's event usually means people are going to have tons of Luck pots, charisma pots, venir talismans and tempest stones. You know, it wouldn't hurt anyone if they just flooded the servers with Zariche and Akamanah weapons. Drop a thousand of them at least.
  15. 100,000,000 adena is still too much to pay for that. Just saying.
  16. The game just came off of a really great XP boost event. Naturally, hunting without any boost whatsoever is going to be a painful grind. Hopefully, they give us boosted server settings tomorrow after update, but don't bet on it.
  17. P./M.Critical rate is different from magical skill critical rate. They are different stats. M. critical rate maxes out at 500 generally speaking. But magical skill critical rate doesn't show up on your Character Status window. As you've probably already guessed, it's a little dumb for feohs to have a magic skill crit rate since all of their skills are magical. At least with archers and melee you can say that they have the choice to hit you with an attack that doesn't use a skill at all. Taking this into account, naturally there aren't as many ways in game to boost magical skill crit
  18. If you're on Chronos, you can go to Giran and see prices for yourself. The AH right now doesn't have DW1 bows, but price for them will be in the 600B - 800B range. Everything else for archers you can probably get in AH. The problem is you need more than a DW1. People have Stage 3 now, so your DW1 is only going to tickle them, unless you're level 118 or something. A stage 2 or 3 DW or Blood weapon will cost you a small passenger car at least. Are you sure you want to play this game?
  19. Murky waters here. 500 normal crit rate is max. 1500 normal attack speed is max. But DEX, shots, and too many other items that i don't want to get into here increases everything from skill launch rate, skill crit rate, and of course skill cool down. All of that can make it seem like you have faster attack speed. And then there's game mechanics. Create a simple attack macro. No skills necessary, only "Next Target" and "Attack". Now take turns seeing how much faster you attack when (a.) the macro is just on your function hotbar vs. (b.) when you place the macro in the Auto Next Target box.
  20. Sorry, friend, but 20% per week is not fine at 106. The last thing you want is for it to take a month or longer to go from 106 to 107. The XP wall only gets higher, and you'll be stuck like most others taking several months just to get to 109 at that rate. Considering content in game now is for 113+, you might as well quit now and save some money on your next utility bill. You'll never catch up before the next update, and the people who are already 113+ will definitely make your playing enjoyment a living hell, either by manipulating the in-game economy, or mowing you down in PVP at every turn
  21. If you are buying Rare Accessory Boss jewels every month, you don't need a belt. You already get a Rulers Authority belt with the 30 day boss jewels. That's one of the best belts in game...but it's not permanent. If you're looking for a permanent belt, start with PVE belt that they mentioned. That gives you +6% extra damage and can be had for cheap price. But it doesn't reduce damage, or give attribute defense, which tanks want, so the next step up is either one of the Clan Belts or the Monkey Belt. Stage 1 Clan Belt is not as good as a Monkey Belt. You get more damage with both and damag
  22. As a solo tank, you'll have to borrow some from Tyr setup, because you'll need to deal more damage than normal. After you get higher level, or wealthier, you can then change to true Sigel setup. Don't worry about losing value. Tyr items generally carry a higher price tag than Sig items, so in the end you'll get a return on your investment. Just to start... 1. Enhanced Shadow Cutter. It gives you everything you get with Enchanted Exalted Cutter, but you get 450 attribute damage. 2. +8 R99 Bloody Heavy or Light set. If you go light, you can always tweak your skill tree to get more p.d
  23. Jewel boxes need to be sold through NPC for reasonable adena price. Change enchant rates so that it is a bit more difficult, but not impossible, to make a level 5 jewel. Also, make these jewels unable to combine to Greater Jewels. That way people still participate in events where Greater Jewels drop, but in the meantime most people can get by with Stage 4 and 5 jewels. Also, brooches up to 6 slot should be lowered in price, sold for adena through NPC, or awarded via a Level 105 Mentor quest. If you're already higher level than that, the Mentor brooch can be obtained through Mentor NPC in
  24. Isn't that what Chronos is for? Everyone else playing on the Chronos server who doesn't like the server event times should leave. Bye bye, gtfo. By the time they restore server transfers you could have started a new character and rebuilt all of your wealth on Naia again. I joke only a teeny tiny bit when I say that. But it's been a loooooooooooooooooong time since they stopped server transfers.
  25. Getting rid of the Cursed swords is the best way to handle this. That way no one complains about not being able to participate, or the rich getting richer in ways that 99% of the player base cannot ever hope to realistically. And don't want to hear any crap about "donors." You've ruined this game. What's the point of keeping the lights on if when you flip the switch all you see is sh** on the walls, black mold on the ceilings, and giant cockroaches and plague carrying rats running rampant?
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