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  1. Dwarf crafter that dual classes a Lucky (LUC) dagger for enchanting is what most people choose.
  2. If you have your PC set on low settings, or if you had a really crappy PC like I used to have before I upgraded, sometimes you can't see all of the arrows being fired. It looks like you only fired once, but you really launched a normal attack in addition that you didn't see.
  3. It's Halloween, let's discuss something scary. How bad would it be for your character if they got rid of cloaks? Would you have to change class, or worse, quit game? Or would the change barely affect you? Discuss.
  4. Yeah, I would expect a major uproar heard around the world if the nerf was as bad as people claim. Archers will be fine. Top archers anyway.
  5. Whatever the cost is, the bottom line is that they need to figure out a way for players to gain immediate access to those items, whether we're talking about dawn crystals or elpy pelts. Waiting around for months for usually paid promotions to get this stuff is bullshit. They need to start back up quests where people can get a decent number of these things daily and build toward something. Or better yet, let these items drop from normal mobs at a reasonable rate. People are complaining about grind, but everyone will shut up if they know they can get all of the Dawn Crystals they need for upgrad
  6. It only takes one crit from a stacked archer to wipe out a bunch of people all at once. Reducing it 50% means they'll buy up every way in game to increase power and reduce skill cool down. Instead of pressing their Function key once, they'll have to press it twice more often and you'll be dead in 3 seconds instead of 1???
  7. That long a down period usually means they are making stealth changes. I hesitate to call them improvements.
  8. @Juji @Hime It would be nice to get an update on the possibility of weapon modification returning. If the anwers is "never" fine, but please tell us something.
  9. Well, in theory, there shouldn't be an easy way for most normal players to get a +30 Limited weapon, either. Or even a +16 one. But here we are. NCSoft wants players to finally take advantage of all of the content in game, including high overenchants. That's the real reason why what people are calling exploits is being allowed. Otherwise, there'd be no restoration, no Gold save, nothing. Then we'd really see who the best enchanters in the game are.
  10. A +30 or even +31 Limited Bow isn't that powerful. In many ways it's less powerful than a Standard Dragon Thrower. I have this info on good authority from someone who had a +30 Limited weapon and compared it to a Dragon weapon during the DW event a few months ago. Remember, a Dragon weapon gives you 30% P. Skill Crit Damage and 30% P. Skill Critical Rate. For Yul, that's huge. You can't get that with a Limited Bow. It also has higher P. Atk and Attribute (500 element) than a +30 Limited Weapon. Limited get PVE damage, but this person used the borrowed DW weapon in the event instance and alway
  11. This is a good point. I bet everyone spends more on XP boosts in L2 store when there is an XP event than they do when there isn't one. I know I do. Not paying for extra pots to double the normal .0000000000000000001% per mob that I get now. I might as well pretend I'm Scrooge McDuck and throw cash into the fireplace.
  12. You can't really call it leveling or fun when you earn less than 2% a day, can you? Let's face it, L2 is killing the planet. The only thing players are doing is running up the electricity bill. Thus energy providers have to destroy more of the environment in order to churn out the massive amounts of energy necessary to keep the gaming community going.
  13. They should create two tiers of Prestige Pack. The first one for $15 is the same as we have now. But the second tier "Greater Prestige" pack for $30 should include everything from the original (except the daily cube), a 30 Day Bloody rune, two 14-day Vitality runes, a 30-day Attribute rune, a 30-day Greater Ruby. a 30-day Greater Sapphire, a 30 day rune that works like the Red Libra buff and a new daily cubic that drops 1 random item like Erupt pots, Freya's Blessing, Nevits pots, and similar XP and hunting boost aids each day. The catch with the pots is that they expire in 24 hours. Use
  14. A week won't cut it. They'd have to stop for a month. And all that would really do is force NCSoft to figure out other ways to grift players out of their money. It's the whole point of this gaming business model. Lots of vulnerable personality types play these games. NCSoft preys on them.
  15. Now that the overenchant limits have been lifted and people can get +31 and higher weapons, it's time to give some love and prestige back to Dragon and Demon Weapons. Maybe not stage 3, but at least make Stage 1 and 2 weapons tradeable through the NPC that crafts them. Same level trade only. Or better yet, make it possible to deconstruct them to basic mats and claws/bloods. That way people can then buy other fragments and create whatever type of weapon they want. There really should be more of this stuff in game, not less. In order to do that, we also need more pathways to get these things, n
  16. Horse is out of the barn. Anything you do now won't address the people who already have their items +++++++. It will only stop new people, people who play by the rules and the rest of you who apparently are too busy crying about fairness to realize that if NCSoft/GMs allow it, it's fair. The GMs know when they get multiple requests from the same people. They aren't stupid. They permit it. When they get fed up, they'll change the rules. Until then, shut up, follow that car, and just go with the flow. This is the game now. Sad as it is.
  17. Blame the adena farmers. It's good that we don't have all areas farmed 24/7 by wynn parties.
  18. All the AFK macros are making people brain dead zombies.
  19. There was an event a few weeks back where people won the Standard DW. Some people won multiples of them. They are probably selling them now in AH, since during this event claws, bloods, and other ingredients for Dragon and Bloody weapons are supposed to drop quite a bit. The problem is that at current market prices you can't really craft a Dragon or Bloody weapon. It costs over a trillion in adena, unless you get somehow get lucky enough to gather parts during events without having to buy any claws or bloods from other people. Slim odds of that. Because of high cost to craft, people try to buy
  20. THANK YOU!!!! @Hime @Juji
  21. Right, but the other areas don't exactly have great adena drops, either. You can farm all night for a week and not reach 1 billion adena even with Prestige 200% drop boost. NCsoft has already shown us that they will lower adena amounts anyway if they think it makes players less dependent on NCoin to Adena conversion. Might as well boost XP everywhere else, too, since levels play as big a role in player survival as equipment.
  22. Ok, I'll be the one to complain. Here goes: I like the concept, BUT mobs are too hard to kill for most people in game. I get they are group mobs and this is a party area, but pretty much every area has group mobs now. Varka/ Ketra are supposed to be level 111-112, but they're harder to kill than mobs that are level 113, like Sel Mahum. Solution: Keep Varka/Ketra, it's a great idea, but ffs BOOST the XP that you get from hunting everywhere else, too!!! There should not be a single mob from 105-110 that doesn't give players similar Exp as Varka/Ketra. Not if you want player population
  23. Nice try, but not even close. The donors aren't going anywhere. If they put a stop to all of their shenanigans the donors would still play L2. Why? Because there isn't another game like L2. Big donors don't come to L2 to cheat and and they don't stay because they can cheat. They come because they have too much money and spare time and they are bored out of their wits with real life. If the Devs make this game about something other than Castles, Olympiads and bogus PVP, those same donors would stick around because L2 is a 24/7 escape.
  24. My friend said he made some changes and his highest p.atk with every buff he can get and all right skills firing is now 7,171,509. Big picture, it doesn't mean much, since it levels off after several seconds, but it's good to know Tyr have that kind of power. New Tyr Max Patk
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