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  1. All I know is I got (bleep) ton of Blessed SpS on a character that mainly needs soulshots.
  2. I have gone years without that book. "Need" may be a stretch. Nice to have if you can get it as a drop or someone trades for cheap, but you can live without it. Otherwise, yes, agree. Lots of items should be easier to get than they are. It's bad when you are 3-4 updates behind because so much stuff is harder to get than needs be.
  3. They need to get rid of the Demon Swords. Permanently. Think up something else that works and more players can enjoy.
  4. If only. My friend sent me an SS. Obviously, name, etc., removed, but everything else is unchanged. Hopefully, I can get link to work. You should see P. Atk. of 5,669,777. The funny part is he hasn't max out STR or CHA to (+15), learned all of his Forgotten skills, or enchanted his other self-buffs with full Might yet. His p.atk could be even higher. Tyr High Patk
  5. Did that happen in this update, or the one before? My friend tells me that his 106 Tyr with all buffs and boosts can easily reach 5.5M p.atk. for a few seconds with over 110K HP. I haven't played a Tyr in 2 years. I never thought that they'd get that powerful. Why are people complaining so much about archers with Tyrs like that running around?
  6. +150 attribute damage and +10% p.atk does will help survivability for some and theoretically XP rate a tiny bit. But in the end we're just killing a limited number of mobs faster, not necessarily getting more mobs and more hunting zones to XP faster.
  7. No complimentary gift basket, just herbs. I liked the OP's idea better.
  8. I'm going to guess that massive quantities of the other "herb" (ganja) was consumed in arriving at this idea.
  9. True! Giran market is also the best form of PVP in game.
  10. Know the entity, know the industry, know the terms of engagement. I usually find that business relationships go sideways when one of those three is off. I have no problems dealing with a company like NCSoft. They are actually quite predictable.
  11. Interesting proposition. I wish there was some way to test this in a game environment. My instincts are that even a damage cap like this wouldn't hurt Yuls as much as we think. It might even force some of them to learn how to better play the class. Plus, instead of spending billions focusing on damage burst, they'd turn that adena into hp/def/counters/debuff boosts. I think 3 months after these changes were made there'd be new cries to further nerf Yuls.
  12. The forum is not an ombudsman type body, unfortunately. If you had read the policy, you would have understood that the number of tokens each account has is limited. If you have an email from the NC Support Team confirming that you had a token available to use, then that should be sufficient to validate your claim. That said, everyone needs to know that the Token Based Restoration process is at the discretion of the GMs and they don't have to explain their decision. What does "discretion" mean? It means you can meet all of the requirements, yet still be refused restoration. Enchant a
  13. Appreciate your counterpoints, but again you're making lots of assumptions here. You're better than that, Sly. When crossing into a land of giants, an ant has to grow its perspective, if not its size. Given all of the events that we've had in the last 3 months, it's easy to turn NCoin into more than enough adena to buy all of those items -- that's if he bought them and didn't make some of the items himself. I got an Insanity talisman in one of the events. I got 3 Greater Jewels in another. In the current event I've enchanted 5 Magic Sticks up buying the scrolls from other players and have
  14. I don't get it, why is everyone gear-shaming this guy? He doesn't even have top gear. Or put another way, if you think a +14 Limited Bow, +10 PVP R110 Leather, a +10 Elmore cloak, run of the mill accessories that include 30 day Valakas and Lindvior, a PVE belt, a regular +5 Dragon shirt and regular level 3-4 La Vie En Rose jewels is top gear, then you need to get out more. Just look at his p. atk. With Yul buffs it's only 59K. I know a Yul who has twice that amount with the same Yul buffs, same level 109. This guy has much more improvements to make. So do you, if you don't have half
  15. Don't really need to explain yourself. The whole point of the game is to compete for limited resources and hunting spots. Just PK them if they're AFK. I think most people expect it now, except the crybabies. There's always going to be people who hunt slower than others. The slow people think they're hunting "fast enough", but the more powerful players who kill faster see them as nuisances wasting everyone's time.
  16. The forums have always been heavily policed. Not only that, but most "goodbye, cya" posts are usually deleted within hours of posting, no matter what reason is given.
  17. Agreed, it gets close but advantage DW still. The most soulshot damage you can get on a Limited bow is somewhere around 21%. That's for a +29 or +30 Ltd. bow. Then you get +15 PVE damage and 2% Skill power and P. skill crit damage if I remember old screen shots correctly. Close but like you said, you can't match +30% P. Skill Crit Rate and +30% P. Skill Crit Damage with 500 element. Most are better off trying for a DW in an event like this than OE a limited weapon to +30.
  18. Been there, done that. Feoh with DW for 72 hours vs. Yul with DW for 24 hours is no contest. Feoh had way more XP.
  19. I want all drops from hunting to automatically go into inventory like adena does, unless it's for a raid.
  20. True. When they make the option available it will be because the replacements for the Dragon Shirts will be the next event planned, so your current Dragon Shirt will be like the Elemental/Shining/Reflect Shirts that you now can buy in store -- useless.
  21. I like this idea. 30 day boss jewels, vitality pots and greater ruby and sapphire please.
  22. This is a myth. Enchants are individual processes not tied to any other series of enchants. I enchanted my bow from +15 to +25 during the last cloak event, which had lots of enchants going at the same time. As for the magic staff, those scrolls have a better success chance than a normal weapon or armor enchant. It has nothing to do with a server setting or calibration. It's the scroll.
  23. I like to think that archers are fine. It's the other classes that are broken. Don't nerf archers, boost the other classes to improve their strengths.
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