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  1. Looking for some Help

    my clan is not big, but we'll start making epics. send mail to callmegod if u want join us.
  2. Jewells

    i have frintezza soul necklace, queen ant soul, ring of creation, zaken and orfen earring. should i change anything? which ones do i need to focus on? plz dont say end game jewells =D thx
  3. Kelbim Bow -VS- R99 +12 Dark Thrower 3SA

    kelbim bow = 6b +12 Dark Thrower 3SA = 30b+++ Can someone plz tell me a low price bow better than kelbim bow?
  4. boss cooldown

    im doing freya, zaken and others and everytime im getting random cooldown... its correct?
  5. how to make money ?

    thats a good question. im not looking for pvp. just some pve items. but i dont know how to get adena. New players have difficult even to buy soultshot R. Thank God I did a quest with 40kk reward. I was almost broke.
  6. Spicula Larva respawn

    yeah, now i waited some macro people and i got it. thx!
  7. Spicula Larva respawn

    200???? sure, but i think i kill more than that
  8. Spicula Larva respawn

    how can i find it?? im killing mobs for 4 hours and nothing...
  9. how can i get Scroll: Seal Armor (A-grade)?
  10. Server transfer

    I'm returning to play after a long time and realizing the server I was playing no longer exists (Bartz). Everything was moved to Freya, but I'd like to play at Chronos. How can I make this transfer? I need pay with real money? Lose everything really discourages me to play again. Thx and sorry about my bad english.