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  1. 1 minute ago, FachaAr said:

    Why is everyone so mad?
    1- I dont think that there is anyone with a pc that cant dual box at least `so the terrain is even if you dont want to dual box is ur problem

    2- NCSOFT can afford a server for 5000 more ppl online, i guess here the issie is that they are having problems with the classic servers, i assume they are fixing it, but they can also merge all servers and we can have one server with 8k players


    Giran server alone has 1k+ constant login queue. If they merge all servers together we will wait for the queue to end and then we will give our account to our grandkids so they can enjoy the classic l2 which was realeased 50-60 years ago :P

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  2. Well to be honest i don't really care. Know that this won't be fixed until they get enough money from VIP etc. But just imagine being a solo mage in the current state of the game. Wait 8 hours to play that leaves you with 1 hour to actually play (if you have a life) and from that 1 hour you spent your 45 minutes sitting to regenerate your MP. That's awesomely funny. :P xD


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  3. Just make the capacity of your server bigger lol. I mean come on its 2018 not 2003. My login queue is at 817 people right now after 5 hours of waiting. Started at 1300. Or say the truth which is < Lineage II is back but this time is Pay to Play and still Pay to Win. >

  4. Well thing is NcSoft never gave a damn about their customers we all know that. But at least once upon a time was Free to play and Pay to Win. Now with this login queue time is pretty much Pay to Play advertised as Free to Play and like always Pay to Win. I just want to know if it will get fixed or shall i quit the game. If i have to Pay to Play i can go and play WoW where you actually have to play in order to win and they ain't trying to fool you by advertising something and doing something else (F2P advertise P2P reality). Any chance a dev will answer on whether they have any plans on fixing the queue login time???

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