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  1. Spoil Macro

    How do you keep the BH from spoiling a mob that has already had the spoil condition activated? ie. spoiling 2-3 times when the first spoil set...
  2. Please make a small adjustment to auto use consumable items such as XP/SP boost scrolls, so that we can select how many we want used before it stops using them. For example, I have >200 scrolls, and I want them to be used while I am afk auto hunting, but I don't want them all used, I only want 30 used for a 10 hour afk session. It's not a difficult change, just adding the scripts used when trading stacks of items. Thank you.
  3. only 2 quests for level 40-75? Come on, man! I'm talking about quests, not just daily missions.
  4. setting up a multibox team Q

    I solo'd them to level 20, (like 10 minutes) then grouped them in Gludin. I run 3 melee a party buffer and an auto healer/rezer. I found that archers can't carry enough arrows for 24/7 afk and mages pull too much aggro. Good luck to you. #Sieghardt->Giran
  5. New Player - where to focus?

    Welcome back, I too came from the original game and restarted recently. I was on Sieghardt server back in the day. Biggest change I've noticed, that can really benefit you leveling fast, is you can use any grade gear at any level and SS and BSpS are no longer grade specific. All my guys picked up B grade armor and weapons at level 20. Good luck
  6. GIRAN LF Clan

    History: I played original L2 from Beta - C5, dabbled on the L2R mobile app, then I downloaded L2 again when they released the Classic server. Didn't play much because the server seemed dead, it was.. Gludio. Now I'm on Giran, I run a 5 man team, Pal, Tyr, BH, WC, and Bish. All are level 55. I can bring any or all of these into your clan, or I can level up something you're missing. If I'm only playing one character in a group, I prefer the tank role. I'm in NA (MST) and my crew is grinding in EV currently. Let me know what you think.
  7. Unable to log in

    Logging in to the game, it says I need to update files, so after clicking the update button I get an error saying restart updater. I restart updater, and get the same problem. It says contact support if issure reoccurs. So here I am. Here is the script it gives me: << OS >> OS Version : Unknown Windows Version ServicePack : none Major Minor Build Version : 6.2.9200 << System >> 64bit OS Page Size : 4096 B Active Processor Mask : 255 Number Of Processor : 8 Processor Type : 8664 Processor Level : 6 Processor Revision : 36362 Processor Speed : 1896 MHz << Memory >> 28% of memory in use. Total Physical Memory : 2047 MB Avail Physical Memory : 2047 MB Total Paging File : 4095 MB Avail Paging File : 4095 MB Total User Address Space : 2047 MB Avail User Address Space : 1938 MB << Disk Storage >> Drive Name : C:\ Volume Name : OS Total Byte : 464.02 GB Used Byte : 72.07 GB Available Byte : 391.95 GB << Dns Query >> Update Server (1) Name : updater.nclauncher.ncsoft.com Address : (2) Name : updater.nclauncher.ncsoft.com Address : (3) Name : updater.nclauncher.ncsoft.com Address : Repository Server (1) Name : lineage2.patcher.ncsoft.com Address : (2) Name : lineage2.patcher.ncsoft.com Address : (3) Name : lineage2.patcher.ncsoft.com Address : DNS Server Address: Mask : << FileInfoFile Hash Value >> File Name : FileInfoMap_LINEAGE2_159.dat.zip Hash Value : d46be34a988daa1e0c5b36ffdff7aa5e514817ae File Name : FileInfoMap_LINEAGE2_159.dat Hash Value : 28a93dd717014b05b07c3d3d81780c4f18458465 << Error Message >> [Update Error] Cannot download file. Please restart the Launcher. If this problem persists, contact Customer Support at htt