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  1. By the huge ammount of time they take to "INVESTIGATE" account, as they say.. the owner of the bot already transfered the itens to another character and is already leveling another bot , with bot program... This is ridiculous
  2. How the hell bots made their way to DRAGON VALLEY and ENCHANTED VALLEY? They should not even be at IVORY CRATER, when a normal player takes quite some time to reach Most bots ARE WELL EQUIPPED , why are they in the server for the first place at such high level? ANSWER: INCOMPETENT STAFF e negligence. L2 CLASSIC official servers is a LAND WITHOUT LAW, you can do whatever you want, there wont be punishment even if reported by players, who are doing the job the staff of NC SOFT should be doing. Servers are being neglected by NC SOFT, the producer should have used
  3. As I remember, they didnt removed the +++ dyes from people, instead they offered a CAT with free service so people could get refunded after removing the ++++ dyes from their characters This is so amateur, worst than some illegal home made servers made by a kid in his bedroom
  4. Reynaldo posted it, it was from Live Servers. He is still recording bots in many areas of the game as these bot parties inside EV Some friend said Ivory Crater is being dominated by bots 24/7 because of death whisper book, he needed the book and give up farming because bots there are 24/7 and never get banned.
  5. many of these bots feed main characters, theyre not just adena sellers making profit with the game theres "legit" players making accounts to afford equipment and over enchant and have advantage Its not ruinning now that you didnt reach pvps at end game, but once you do and get humilliated by people running with ++++ OE equipment they got through bots, you will see with your +3 armor
  6. Since he is so low level, tell him to waste some time inside ELVEN FORTRESS to see bots coming and go with trains, one after the other, die and respawn and get back endlessly the situation is totally out of control, and theres dumbass to say is "part of the game" lol always the same bots that never get banned, some hidden inside rooms farming there for days LOL
  7. JUST IGNORE THIS RANDOM GUY, AS HE SAID, HE IS LOW LEVEL AND DONT HAVE AN IDEA OF WHATS GOING ON Let him experience by his own...when he reaches DV and see hordes of bots dominating the whole ground
  8. LOL??? I have 6 characters, 3 over 40, one nearly 50, I build a lvl 3 clan with active people since DAY 1. I helped them to get equipped. I have Vip 4 status since I started and I farmed and deleveled many times to help friends. My characters have full top of their GRADE, even my dwarves are equipped with top D stuff for low materials, with Glaive and Half Plate for more efficiency in spoil. Please go to bathroom next time your going to post stuff like this. LOL AT THIS We are not talking about players who left the game in their earlier days ...
  9. Thx bud, its not like pretending everything is fine. Because its NOT. Its a butterfly effect, one player decided to leave at the moment servers were in its peak population, 3 months ago. And then more people left following the same reasons that are being exposed here and around the internet. Now its my turn to leave, and tomorrow more and more. Situation is getting worse everyday for LINEAGE 2, only a blind or dubass person dont see.
  10. You answered to bash me as If I was irrelevant or something. I answered back with the real situation of the servers, which must BE TURN PUBLIC,to those who ALREADY dont know. I started playing this at launch, being innocent. Nobody warned me it would be like this. I lost MONEY AND TIME. New players MUST BE WARNED about what is happening in here, the TRUTH must be said over and over, until this changes. Otherwise the servers must be closed and the game operations be ended. In many countries with severe laws for consumers this what happens here is CO
  11. I thought the letter was about asking apologies to players for the current state of the game
  12. This is by far worst than many illegal servers lol
  13. Also the reception of this "LINEAGE 2 CLASSIC" is rather negative, since players are making videos to post on youtube, so this will help NEW potential players to NOT EVEN INSTALL THE GAME. So I maybe just ONE, here, but WE ARE THOUSANDS around the internet.
  14. Actually people CARE. NC needs PLAYERS like me, because Im a paying CUSTOMER. Without players like me, they cant keep their operations. Also, around 20 active people left with me, after we decided were no longer supporting a game plagued with bots. The ammount of threads reporting the problems with bots and incompetent staff, shows Im not alone, and a lot more people also left in the last month, since 2 of 4 servers are DYING, Gludion being DEAD and Aden losing players everyday. The decrease in servers population is a sign things are not goi
  15. After several weeks reporting the same bot player and no actions taken, I quit I dont log in for several weeks, I lost the will to play this game, I left characters with top stuff that I worked very hard to get, and left over 7500 points to expire, remaining in my VIP 4 acc, but I just dont care anymore. The game doesnt worth my time, effort and money. It was actually doing me more bad than good, and this is because BOTS and a staff that treat us players as idiots. Servers being empty is a reflection of how NC SOFT deals with this situation. No wonder I saw Aden se
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